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  • Retail Sales Associate?

    Hey I'm thinking about applying for a retail sales associate job at T-Mobile. Has anyone ever done this type of job and has anyone ever worked for T-Mobile? If so, let me know please. I'm really excited about this job opportunity because it would be great for me because it is very close.

    What type of things did you do besides running the cash register? Anyone ever worked for T-Mobile? What type of things would they expect me to do/know?

    "Maybe if he had an iron suit or a magic hammer...."

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    You would probably be selling phones most of the time, cash register is probably a very small part of your job, unlike say a big retail chain where that's ALL you do.

    I'm assuming you need know your way around many of the phones they sell. They probably would train you on some of it.

    Also, how to distinguish helping people between different age groups. You need to be able to read people to get to know their technology level pretty fast.

    Never worked there, but kind of just think along the lines of being a car salesman but for phones.


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      i wouldnt imagine it being a very good job, you probably make some type of moeny from commission and sales people are truly awful to deal w if thats the case.

      they bug and nag and dont let you leave, id imagine that being what the job is


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        Ok, I've never worked for T-mobile. I have however sold sprint, verizon and a few others.

        First things first get a T-mobile phone, hopefully they'll have an employee plan for you to use. How are you going to sell a phone you yourself don't use? If that’s not possible, use the stores phone and keep it on your belt for the time your there. It’s always good to give the customer something to hold and check out.

        Find out why your customer is looking for a phone? Is it for business, school, emergencies only, for their child, husband and so forth. This way you can present to them the exact phone that will work for what they need.

        Learn all the plans and how they stack up to your competitors. Why go with your company over say sprint? Try to find a plan that will work with your customer instead of trying to fit your customer into something that won't work for them. Especially if the cost is higher, not a good thing if you’re working for a sale. You can however suggest to the customer that a plan with more options maybe the way to go, one thing customers do is underestimate their own usage. Don’t push just suggest if you get my drift.

        Right now, if you do get in, is the perfect time. Learn everything you can about the i-phone 5 plus you have Christmas around the corner which means sales with accessories. Car chargers, cases and Bluetooth – a thoughtful gift with everything they’ll need for it.

        Next learn the activation process like the back of your hand. Learn what they'll need as far as info, ids, work info and so forth. Also make sure you know of all the deposit amounts (if needed), activation fees, taxes, insurance and anything else that will show up on the first bill. This way the customer won't show up to the store a few weeks later complaining about a charge they weren't expecting. Also learn the billing cycle, estimate how much the first bill will be by understanding t-mobiles billing cycle. You won't be able to tell to the exact amount, but giving a decent estimation will help.

        One thing you always hear about sales is about angry customers. If you don't lie to get phones out the door, you'll rarely run into that problem. You may have to deal with customers that other associates have done that to, but you'll be in the clear.

        Just go out there and present what you have and ask what kind of case they want for their new phone



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          I think I would like that job. Its the same thing every day but not really the same thing every day. You meet new people every day you get new products all the time it just seems like fun. Unless you have one of those days where you just want to be by yourself lol.


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            Never sold phones, but I have worked retail in the past.

            Your going to find people are terrible. You'll get customers in the door who are already angry about something, and want to take it out on you. Expect at some point someone will make a call and complain about you because you did not just roll over and take it from them.

            Be professional at all times with customers. Do not let anyone get to you. Take their crap, and remember it's not you, it's them. They will be out the door and your life faster that way. The more you argue, the longer the event will be. Customers rarely back down. Even when they KNOW they are wrong.

            People are going to come in and blame YOU, personally for their problems with the phone they bought at that store a year ago. Do not take it personally no matter how hard it will be. You know you did not go over to their house and break their phone, and they know it to.

            With phones, I would suggest you be very patient with customers who are not phone savey. I am such a person. The next time I buy a cell phone, I will need extra help figuring it all out, and will have a TON of questions.

            Learn everything you can possibly think of ASAP. People will ask you a lot of questions, and expect you not to have to get help to answer them.


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              I'd imagine it'd be an AT&T store very soon

              (if they get the green light)