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Steve Jobs Dies

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  • Steve Jobs Dies

    CUPERTINO, Calif. (AP) -- Apple says the company's co-founder Steve Jobs has died. He was 56. In a brief statement the company said Jobs died Wednesday. He had been battling pancreatic cancer.

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    I don't pay attention to much but I did know he retired or stepped down from his position. Was it also known that hr had cancer at the time?


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      Very sad and unfortunate news, prayers to his family and friends.

      Rest In Paradise.
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        RIP DUDE!!!!


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          Wow, maybe this is why he stepped down.

          RIP Steve Jobs, you helped create things to make life more enjoyable. You will be missed.
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            That's sad

            I've always respected Steve Jobs and his black shirts. R.I.P.

            This is a sad, historic event. My kids will be asking me where I was the day Steve Jobs died.
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              Rest in Peace.
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                This was... abrupt. I didn't even hear anything about this until just now, and BOOM. There it is, Steve Jobs is dead. Wow..


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                  RIP Steve Jobs


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                    I knew he stepped down because he was sick, just didn't know he had cancer.

                    There rumors last month that he died, but his family said he was still alive. Now he has lost his battle.

                    Very sad, and people should look at him and others whom have lost their life to pancreatic cancer or any form of cancer.

                    Get checked out, and not just once and a while. But often, you don't wanna find out you have cancer before it's to last to fight.
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                      RIP. Sad but not unexpected. He has had cancer for sometime now, been battling with it since about 2004 and has looked good and bad during that stretch of time.


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                        ya hes had cancer for a while as cahill said

                        very sad, one of the greatest business/influential people of our time and generation

                        may he rest in peace!


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                          Thank you Mr. Jobs.

                          For years I lived in frustration with products from Sony, HP, and Dell. I finally broke down and spent the money to buy a Macbook back in Sept. 2007, and am typing on it right now. Never once has this product given me the hassles I learned to accept and live with as part of having a computer.

                          I have NEVER ONCE had a warning pop up, or had any of the problems that I had with previous computers. Which were numerous, and often involved me waiting on the phone to talk to a customer service rep who could not help me. I have not made one call since buying your product.

                          I love my I pad also. When this thing finally dies someday, that will become my primary computer, and the item with which I surf the internet.

                          I do not use the phone, as I only need the phone feature, but for computers, sir, yours are the best!

                          Thank you for changing my life. Thank you for improving it. Thank you for removing the most frustrating part of it. Thank you for making it more pleasant.

                          Rest in peace.


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                            My prayers are with his family.
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                              RIP, very sad indeed.

                              He accomplished so much in life, sad to see him die so young.