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5.6 Earthquake in Oklahoma

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    yeah it was a different feeling having the house shake from an earthquake.

    The foreshock, as they called it was at like 2 in the morning, and it just felt like a jet flying by. I didn't know what it was.

    The 5.6 happened the next evening and it sounded like a jet, then the whole house started shaking, I could hear it creaking. My kids were freaking out for a minute. LOL it wasn't anything bad at all, but it was different for sure.

    last night we were watching the news and it was thunder storming real bad. We felt some vibration and my wife asked if that was another earthquake, I said it felt like it, but it might have been the storm. A few minutes later they said on the news it was another quake.

    We are used to the tornadoes, but these quakes(that we can feel) are new to us. Especially so frequent. And for the people who did have damage, it is not covered on their standard home owners policy. You have to add it, just like flood insurance.