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    Well I voted the 4th but after a little thought I change my mind. It USED to be a fun relaxing time but more and more it;s turning into 3 to 4 weeks of lost sleep thanks to some rude people around us mostly campers up at the lake so I am tempted to say Labor Day when most of them Go Home.

    I love the decorations and music of Christmas but don't like the stress part.

    And I look forward to Turkey day all year......

    Used to have some good old fashioned holidays in Colorado but those days are gone, have the fond memories though.:thumb:

    NEW Years day is nice also. Holidays are over.....
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      Christmas. My favorite time of the year every year.

      As soon as November hit this year I was ready for it to be over and December to get here.
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        Food & Football
        Denver Broncos
        New York Yankees
        New York Knicks
        Colorado Avalanche



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          But no really, Thanksgiving is my fave since every 4 years it falls on my birthday and I love eating eating and eating great homemade food with my family while watching some football
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            December 24-January 6th. BOWL MANIA!!

            (I usually use my PTO during this time)
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