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    Originally posted by Bernie24 View Post
    Wow i went to get FIFA 12 at 10 pm

    My friend got elbowed (accidently) and his tooth went through his lip

    It was insane and ridiculous. There was a box of half off relatively new games (madden FIFA blackops arkham city) and they was no line just a horde around it

    When they released it it was like starving people for food. Absolutely terrible. I picked a kid up off the floor who luckily had like 8 FIFA's with him so i asked if i could have 3

    Moms in the front who had been there for hours got trampled on i felt so bad

    I gave 2 moms a copy of FIFA one to my friend and kept one for myself.

    Ridiculous some lady got trampled and had her leg broken. I hope she sues walmart for letting that happen they oughta have a line with security for this stuff.
    THIS WAS EXACTLY MY EXPERIENCE. i was trying to get BF3 batman and FIFA, people could have got really hurt i shoved some little punk kid that was pushing me into everyone

    a few people i was chatting with just grabbed games and came out with fifa and a BF3 and they didnt want them. they only had 3-9 copies of each game, it was stupid

    went to BB the next morning around 12 to see what they had left, TONS of BF3 i grabbed the last batman and AC:revelations for like 1 buck more than walmart was selling for

    i did manage to snag that kinect 360 bundle sell the kinect and my old xbox and came away in the positive for a new xbox

    i also managed to get inception the dark knight, pulp fiction, pineapple express, and a WHOLE BUNCH of blurays for 5 or 10 bucks