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    Originally posted by ebsoria View Post
    Well.. since we are being serious and not :wave: I have a few things to say.

    First.. you'll find as you get older your bills get bigger. It may not seem like it now, but as you make more you spend more. You get a nicer car. You get a nicer place. A lot live within their means, but many go over.

    Working at a kiosk selling cell phones doesn't pay for the ideal life most American's dream about. I know you're sitting there with your current obligations thinking it doesn't get "bigger", but it does. I went from one cell phone at $12/mo to 2 smart phones at $120/mo for both. When I first moved out I paid $400/mo on rent. Now I'm looking a $1700/mo mortgage in the face for a 4 bedroom in Roseville, Ca. I started life at $200/mo for 6 months on my first car paid to my parents for a '88 Dodge Shadow 5 speed with turbo and moved into looking at a new truck at $500/mo for 60 months hoping insurance doesn't kill me!

    So... long story short... yes, start planning for tomorrow. You are young now. So, yes, business major of some sort would benefit you. Don't plan to just sit and sell the cell phones. Don't plan to just sit and play with the cell phones and hope it pays the bills. You'll find the bills get bigger as you get older. But, there is still room to live how you want to live if you do it right.

    Above all else.. you are young now. Enjoy it while you can. You get ONE shot to be young. Don't blow it.
    Thank you man! I needed to here that advice even though I did not want to here it lol. In my generation its spend, spend, spend. Just ask look at your local politician.

    Anyway, I have over $1,500 saved up for a car and college. So I'm getting there! Sorry for the late response, I've been busy with college. Crazy busy!

    "Maybe if he had an iron suit or a magic hammer...."