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Sure fire cold remedies?

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  • Sure fire cold remedies?

    I am getting sick...just wandered if anyone has any cold remedies that they swear by. I have been dosing myself with cold-eeze, emergen-c & some cold medicine. I do not want to get down with a bad cold...the game & new's years coming up....

    Any ideas?
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    My chiro recommends Congaplex or oregano oil if that's not available. I've never tried either, but several other people I know who see him have and had good results.


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      Cocktail of Dimetapp elixir (or generic counterpart) and 4 ibuprofen tablets.

      I saw a study that tested all the over the counter cold remedies in double blind studies to see if they work. The results were that there are only 2 active ingredients that were proven effective. Many over the counter products have one or the other. Dimetapp is the only product that has both active ingredients. It works.

      It is usually labelled as a children's elixir, but it has adult dosages.

      The ibuprofin has the pain relief, which usually helps no matter what. Many cold remedies have some form of pain relief. When you add pain relief to Dimetapp, you're basically getting the three effective things.


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        I used to constantly get sick but I haven't been sick once since I started doing some running and what not

        Vitamin C pushes work well too

        Unless you're already sick than yeah I don't know

        Get well soon
        Thank you Charger$


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          This, plus Mucinex, killed my cold/flu within 2 days:


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            Thanks everyone! I am gonna have to check into these things. The problem that I have with cold medicine is that I had to have my thyroid fried a few months ago, and unfortunately, anything OTC or otherwise can cause the medication not to absorb properly, plus can raise my BP too...

            Again, thanks. :thumb:
            It is not so important who starts the game, but who finishes it.


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              Vitamin C and Sleep.


              A bottle of Jack Daniels... drink the cold right out of you.


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                I usually do garlic tabs and emergen c's


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                  I use Oregano oil and swear by it. It has never let me down. It is disgusting, however. Put about 5 drops under your toungue once a day when you feel a cold coming on. It kills it fast. It is good for sore throats, etc as well.


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                    funny how this thread popped up

                    I just took some Emergen-C right now.
                    Now go get your shine box


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                      To help with problems in my throat sometimes I gargle some water with Cayenne pepper in it
                      Thank you Charger$


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                        Relief: equal parts honey, boliling water, lemon juice and brandy. Wrap up & sweat.

                        Prevention: daily ~ local bee pollen, 2000+ vitamin C, four raw almonds, cod liver oil caps, nasal inhaler
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                          I also take a drop of oreganol a couple of times a day when a cold starts to set in. A cold usually never affects me for more than 4 or 5 days, even a chest cold.
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                            For natural, buy some whole garlic cloves, roast them until they just turn color and throw them in soup. Drink plenty of orange juice. And lemon with honey in hot water. It will make you feel better in spurts as the body fights off the virus.


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                              Jameson, hot tea, honey and lemon.

                              Just like Sam said. Sweat it out. I usually knock colds out in less than a few days

                              Hooray, beer!