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    Originally posted by EddieMac View Post
    Sushi is yummy..

    I eat the skin off Christmas oranges after i finish the orange. Been told thats pretty yucky..

    Poutine is awesome.
    I love sushi too. Yum.... I haven't had any in a few months either. I hold you responsible for giving me the craving.
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      Originally posted by Jay3 View Post
      Yes, it's a Yankee/Maine/New England drink. I get it at fru-fru grocery stores like Whole Foods and Fresh Market. It has a sort of mini-cult loyal following.
      I'll have to check out our stores around here. Thanks.

      Thanks for naming the stores. I couldn't figure out what a "fru-fru grocery store" was.

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        Originally posted by shawinkerpoppin View Post
        I like jelly on my breakfast sandwich. I have been told that is gross but idk.
        What kind of sandwich is it?


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          I like seafood which a lot of people hate.

          - Steamed oysters, shrimp.
          - Fish in general.

          Not sure what else is "gross"


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            PB and Miracle Whip sandwiches

            Radish and Mayo sandwiches

            Canibal sandwiches (raw hamburger and onion on rye)

            Lots of cheeses that smell horrible but taste good

            Scandanavian goodies:

            Pickled herring in cream sauce on a saltine cracker (really good after bar close :thumb

            Kropsua Finnish pancake - It's almost like baked custard, awesome with butter and sugar

            Juustoa Finnish baked cheese


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              Though not technically a food, one of the local breweries around here used to brew a beer called Leinenkugel's Maple Brown, a stout beer with a maple syrup flavor. My buddies thought I was nuts for drinking it, but I'm a maple syrup enthusiast. I'm just mad that they don't make it anymore.

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                Sauerkraut with pork
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                  Garbage Plate FTW.


                  I adopt andrewmlb.


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                    One of the best things in the entire world is fried potatoes with cottage cheese on top.

                    A couple other foods that some people think are weird is growt keuga (I dont know how to spell it, its a German food) and strawberry gafilda (or something like that)
                    Growt Keuga is seasoned hamburger and cabage stuffed in a roll and baked. Its like a german hot pocket lol
                    The other is strawberrys in noodle dough boiled in water. when its done you put them all in a big bowl and put a bunch of sour cream and butter on top.


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                      Originally posted by Chronic_Toker View Post
                      I saw ERoyal's thread about food you don't like and after seeing some things on there I do like I wanted to start this thread.'s some things you may find untasty but I thoroughly enjoy consuming :thumb:

                      Sashimi / Sushi
                      Smoked oysters in a can
                      Raw oysters
                      PB & mayo sandwich (even better filled w/ sliced bananas)
                      PB toast w/ bacon on it

                      The last two are from when I was a kid, though I still enjoy a PB & mayo once in a while
                      Yo CT..
                      Ive eaten and liked everything on that list. How about the EP? Thats the PB, Mayo, Bananas, and bacon grilled.