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  • Snow

    Idk about people in other areas here, but in KC we just got our first snow. Started around midnight Tuesday and lasted until early morning. We had about 5 inches at my house and were w/o power most of yesterday. This was pretty strange, we don't usually have real snow here until around mid December. Anyone else getting snow yet? I want to see a blizzard sunday night at Invesco.

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    we dont need 5 threads about snow.....



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      very true. but if they felt like postin it, oh well.


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        We had 6.5 inches in Olathe. I've lived in KC a little over a year now and it snows more that I thought it would. I wish it would snow more though...I love it!
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          maybe so, but you just made a 6th thread about snow.....
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            we got our first snow fall last night it was weird cause i went to hockey there was no snow a hour and half later there was 2 inches


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              nope sunny in hawaii
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                Originally posted by myguy80
                nope sunny in hawaii

                yea there is ....

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                  We had thunderstorm today!!I hate them But we didn't lose power It would have made the cooking a bit difficult.LOL It changed to snow about five this afternoon.
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                    I only see 2 threads
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                      no snow here for years...but it did get in the 60's today....thats very cold for us,



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                        Originally posted by Lynch Bailey247
                        so how many do we need???

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                        every year.


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                          We have had a total of probably a foot in a half or more, which is very little for us at this time of year, but as of right now, I am looking out my window and there is absolutely no snow on the ground..It was 51 today and its been really wet and rainy...


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                            ...been rainy the last couple of days but just received our first snow of the season today....couple inches on everyting but streets/sidewalks.
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                              Well, dude got his wish. We had the snowy blizzard thing going on at game time. On the phone at the end of the 1st quarter, my Dad wisely reminded me, "This evens out the playing field!" Somehow, it just did not go our way. Well, it won't be snowing in San Diego, nor will it be national coverage.

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