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  • Things No Longer Available That You Miss

    Most things get better over time, but I have experienced a number of things that I really liked, that are no longer available, for one reason or another. I might have started a thread like this way back, but thought it would be cool to try this one again, given a lot of faces have changed since then.

    There are a number of things that are different due to economic issues, things like less reliable employment, ridiculous gas prices and such. But for this exercise, I might just dwell on the little, less obvious things.

    Here goes:

    - The taste of the first pizza I ever had, back in the late 50s. It was my first pizza (my first love), and the flavour was amazing. I love pizza, and have not complained about all the good ones I've had over the many years.....but no one (since way back) has ever made one that taste like the one I had in the 50s.......delish!!! Maybe my taste buds have changed!!!
    - For some reason, a couple of my fav shampoos have disappeared over the years. Time brings on new products and such. But do any of you remember Milk Plus 6??? It worked so good for my hair. Dang it was good. Oh well, I manage to find similar quality stuff, but even still I've had to switch another time or two.
    - At a local Moxie's restaurant, they used to have my absolute fav chicken was not exactly healthy, given it was fried and had a big bun and cheese and tomato and lettuce and wonderful sauce. But it was big and absolutely fabulous!!!
    - I also miss being younger, not having an arthritic ankle and some other aches and pains, but that's another thread......

    Your turn.

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    The Rocky Mountain News

    FAR superior Bronco coverage than the Denver Post.


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      I wish I could watch the Dark Knight for the 1st time again.
      sitting down>laying down


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        Vanilla coke. Discontinued in the UK 7 years ago. A little part of me died that day.
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          Originally posted by Sitting Down View Post
          I wish I could watch the Dark Knight for the 1st time again.
          Wow. That is straight out of left field, but totally awesome answer. I loved that movie.

          Watched it the other night for the first time with my young kids. Too young when it came out to see it, but borderline old enough now. I was worried about the pencil-in-the-eye-brain scene, but they didn't even understand what had happened. I had to explain "The Joker killed that man with a pencil, honey."

          They loved it. Psyched for the next on this summer.


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            Crystal Pepsi and McPizzas anyone?!?


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              Running home from school and putting my pads on. Walking to practice at maxwell park in Montbello.

              THE SMELL OF THE FRESH CUT GRASS for the first time at practice.

              I also miss the way the humidity felt when I moved my suburbon neighborhood in houston. The smell of the newly built homes. '

              Being the new kid in school almost every year! I moved back and fourth alot Houston to Denver.

              Never will have those first times again.


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                Jay Cutler. I really liked him while he was here, but now that hes no longer here, I really started to hate him and am kinda shocked that I actually liked him
                :salute: :goz: :salute:


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                  I miss having a franchise QB.............

                  *checks other section*

                  .............................never mind!


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                    Originally posted by sSync View Post
                    Vanilla coke. Discontinued in the UK 7 years ago. A little part of me died that day.
                    I miss Vanilla Coke and Pepsi. Don't know why they don't sell it anymore.
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                      Soda in a glass bottle.

                      I remeber as a kid when it was time to go to the grocery store, it was my job to make sure we had all the empty bottles so we could get our deposit for them.

                      McDonald's french fries.

                      I'm not talking about those fried pieces of potato that they give you now, I'm talking the old fries that were cooked in the oil that wasn't supposed to be as good for your health. The taste of those fries was a hundred times better.

                      Regular gas with no ethanol mix.

                      You got more miles per gallon with the regular gas, and it didn't dry out the seals in my lawnmower like the ethanol blend did.

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                        Walking down the hill from the locker room to the field on Friday nights, led by the band, my hands interlocked with my best friends', while the school goes nuts.

                        No feeling in the world like it.


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                          Michelob Dry or Bud Dry......why ask why?

                          Pontiac Trans Ams......Knight Rider be damned....

                          M*A*S*H (no reruns, please)

                          Safe neighborhoods
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                            Common sense......


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                              Krystal Burgers. . . there are practically none down here anymore.

                              Stargate. . . Greatest shows of all time.