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    I usually watch the games with my son who I'm trying to convert to orange & blue from green & gold.

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      Originally posted by jetrazor74 View Post
      "Go find your own TV."

      Yeah... my wife doesn't understand why I refuse to DVR the game and fast forward the commercials...

      Sorry, if it's not live, it's not the same.
      Same here I like the commercials because of the suspense


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        I have always watched the game with my dad with exception to the Vikings games this year because I was at Keystone and the Super bowl against the Falcons... he was there.


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          And if we somehow make the SB again, i'll watch it alone, the SB party i usually go too talks too much, i couldn't take it watching it with others.

          Don't get why people just can't sit back, watch the game, eat food, enjoy the game, then talk after or during commericals.


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            I prefer to watch it alone so I can scream and curse and run and jump around as much as I want. I also don't have friends who are big football fans, so when I get really ticked off at the team they don't understand it and start giving me weird looks and give me some backhanded insults about how weird I am. Then I just kinda feel like kicking all of them out of the house.


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              I watch wherever possible. Local bars, friends houses, computer streams, anywhere! Usually with my girlfriend who is a Pats fan (By far her BIGGEST flaw)


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                Originally posted by Bernie24 View Post
                Alone. I think watching with people who know anything about the NFL could be fun but all my friends are very casual friends and talk too much.

                And sometimes when people "switch real quick" to see whats on other channels during NO.
                someone did that at MY superbowl party on MY TV

                i was like w t f

                then they started watching you tube videos and laughing the whole second half ON MY COMPUTER

                i was getting pissed

                normally on sundays i watch it alone on my comp since living in IL i dont get many games sometimes ill got to Bdubs with a few buddies i hate when people try to talk during the game though

                so even if its on tv ill generally watch alone


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                  we always get around (me and the boys) in my basement. The party always starts at 12h00 and ends with the half of the late night game.
                  We always have a new bottles of liquor to try (altough we pretty much tasted all of them) and lots of beer (chasers are always in need in my house! ).
                  I usually cook a big lunches (royal couscous, bacon bomb, etc.) for the gang and we watch like 4 games at the same time (what's on TV plus other games on pc's).
                  It get pretty much confused sometimes as we are all fans of different teams :Broncos, Rams, Dolphins and the Bengals for the hardcore fans. The other parttime fans root for the cowboys and the patiots (even if he try to say hes a raider fan lol )
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                    Originally posted by Frenchy180 View Post
                    I guess I get a bit too serious about the games for some people to handle... girls tell me "you get too angry when Tebow throws interceptions"

                    I respond "we can't be having that in training camp its unacceptable!"

                    My daughter tells me I'm crazy when I yell at the TV when the Broncos are on....even if it IS the History of the Broncos DVD.....

                    I can't help it when I re-watch both Super's like I'm watching them all over again and get caught up in the moment...
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                      Alone usually or with someone who's a fan of the other team.

                      I typically like nothing more than my own couch and own TV and own food access and whatnot.


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                        Because of my condition, it varies
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