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Top 10 Bands you wish you could have seen.

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    Metallica (Master of Puppets/…And Justice For All era)
    Flogging Molly
    Volbeat (still might try and catch these guys sometime) – If you are unfamiliar with this band, check out the song “Sad Man Tongue”. One of my favorite rock/metal songs ever.
    The Dubliners
    Foo Fighters (might try someday)
    Johnny Cash
    Moby – mid to late 90’s
    Alice In Chains
    David Bowie (Ziggy Stardust era)

    I love love love live music, but hate the crowds/atmosphere. I really don’t go to concerts much because of this.


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      In no particular order:

      Kiss (w/makeup and minus the Peter Criss/Ace Frehley look-alikes)
      Def Leppard (in their prime)
      Prince and the Revolution
      ZZ Top
      Rolling Stones
      Aerosmith (back in the day)
      Fleetwood Mac

      Still hoping to catch Green Day, Linkin Park, Nickelback and Evanescence within the next 2-3 years.
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        Okay, I'll play.

        Sublime(love love LOVE Sublime.. even w/ Rome).
        Alice In Chains

        And I'm surprised no one has mentioned him, but I've heard he was amazing on stage..

        MJ- Michael Jackson. From people I've talked to, his shows were over the top amazing. All of them.
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          Rammstein. Oh, wait, I saw them last Monday.

          You are talking about one awesome show. There was a gratuitous amount of fire.
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            AC/DC with Bon Scott and AC/DC during the Back in Black tour. Saw them 2 years ago and they still rock as hard as ever, hopefully I get to see them again.

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              Well, I am going to tell a sad story about some bands I would have seen if not for stupid girls, lol. I do have a list of 10 but that is not what I am going to share.

              This all happend in one summer. First, I got to go to Lollapalooza for free with some friends. It was the year that Jane's Addiction was the headliner. We watched all the bands but just before Jane's came on, the girl I was with at the time started nagging and complaining about how tired and bored she was. She wouldn't not shut up, got to the point we were screaming at eachother. Eventually, just left to shut her the f up.

              Next, Korn with Limp Bizkit at DU. Small intimate show with only 1,000 fans invited and I was going to be one of the lucky ones. Korn is my favorite band and I was grinnning from ear to ear for weeks leading up to it. But of course when it was time to go, the girl I was going with was sick. I told her that I would drop by and pick up the tickets but she told me that if she couldn't go, nobody was going. So, there went that show!

              And finally, Metallica at Summer Sanotarium. Went with an Ex-gf who decided it was a good idea to wear sandals to a rock show in which we had general admission tickets. Here's where it gets stupid, during Linkin Park, she wants to get as close to the stage as possible in SANDALS! Safe to say her feet got trampled and by the time Metallica was set to come on stage, she was nagging me so bad to leave because her feet hurt, I got to hear Metallica from the parking lot of Invesco.

              And there you have, what would have been easily one of the best summer's ever, turned into a horrible nightmare.


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                #1 would be Bob, but the rest in no particular order.

                Bob Marley & the Wailers
                Led Zeppelin
                The Grateful Dead
                The Beatles
                Pink Floyd (w/ Roger Waters)
                ACDC (w/ Bon Scott)
                Bach, Beethoven, Mozart, or Vivaldi
                Nirvana would've been cool too I suppose
                The first Paleolithic drum circle

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                  I wanred to see Chris Cornell when I was working in Milwaukee last year, but the show sold out too fast.

                  From everything I heard about the show, it sounded like an awesome show.


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                    Originally posted by Oilersfan34 View Post
                    7. GBH - classic English Hardcore band..never got to see them.
                    They're still gigging and you won't notice much difference between seeing them now or back in the 80's - except obviously they are a bit older...


                    for current dates (including a few USA ones)