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Chronic_Toker is a dad!

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  • Chronic_Toker is a dad!

    Yes, you read that right

    My wife and I were blessed with a healthy, beautiful baby girl on April 3rd. She weighed 7 lb 5 oz and was 20 1/4 inches long. Her name is Isabella.

    I knew going in that I would be very emotional and sure enough I was. That's just my nature though. I cried when I proposed to my wife and when we got married. It runs in my family...all of the men are like that.

    I was holding back the tears during the "pushing" but when she came out and I heard her cries I couldn't keep it in. It really hit me when I held her in my arms for the first time. What an amazing feeling!

    So far everything is going great. She's eating well and sleeping a lot. My wife and I are getting a good amount of rest and luckily we've had some help with her mom in town last week and mine in town this week. It's a lot of work because we are staying away from formula but my wife is using a breast pump due to difficulties with Isabella getting a good latch during was very painful for my wife.

    I miss her like crazy when I'm at work and can't wait to hold her when I get home!

    Here are a couple pics, though she looks different already. These were within the first couple days so she's a bit "swollen." The second was taken by a photographer in the hospital and it is definitely my favorite out of all the pics taken so far.

    *BTW, she's got her first Broncos outfit already so when she's big enough to wear it I'll be sure to post pics. I'm hoping it will fit her during football season
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    Congrats. Shes absolutely beautiful!

    Enjoy her. They grow up too quickly. Don't ever take it for granted.

    Hooray, beer!


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        Glad to hear everyone is doing well!

        I bawled when my son was born, it's a pretty incredible moment.


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          Congrats to you and your wife.

          I have 2 boys and they are the greatest things ever to happen to me!

          As Winget said enjoy the holy heck out of every day because youre going to blink and she will be going to college!

          And yes she is an absolute doll!!!

          I am assuming she takes after mom?
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            Awesome sir!

            Big congrats!!! and welcome to the worlds newest bronco fan!


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              Thank you all so much! I will definitely do my best to raise her as a Broncos fan. I'm sure when she sees me going absolutely crazy over them (in a good way, haha) she'll want to join in

              Oilersfan34 - yes, she takes after her mom...though it appears she has my feet and length in general. I'm not too tall (6'1") but I do wear a size 13 and her toes are looking like she'll have big feet. They're like another set of fingers, haha!
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                Congrats!! She is beautiful!


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                  Originally posted by Chronic_Toker View Post
                  I love pictures like this. Congrats to you and your wife.

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                    Congrats Dad. Sweet little gal.


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                      Congrats man!


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                        Congrats! She's beautiful !

                        They do grow fast, so enjoy every moment.

                        I cried when my girls were born, too.

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                          Congrats! That's amazing!
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                            Congrats CT (to you and your wife)!!!

                            Pretty name.....

                            I think you should give her a little nickname as well.....


                            Beautiful Girl!


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                              She's beautiful! Congratulations!