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    Congrats and time does fly my son is already three and now I'm starting over in probably a couple of weeks. But it was a fun ride the first time should be just as great this time around. Again congrats and a beautiful baby

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      Congrats man!

      She's beautiful!

      P.S. Sorry I'm late.
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        She's beautiful.

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          You have a very adorable little girl there my friend & a cute little smile in that pic. I'm just sorry i missed out 6 months back because i was, well let's just say & you may have to enforce this down the road (trust me, we have 3) but i was in a timeout for a few months.

          I will tell you this, when you have children of your own it changes everything in your life for the better, i'm so thankful for our 3 kids & i pray everyday for their health & well being & could never imagine life without them.

          So i'll leave on this note, cherish every moment you can with her because they grow up so fast & before you know it you will be saying where did the time go, And oh yeah have a few more in a year or two, because the more the merrier.


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            Hey bud......I hope you remember her little nickname......


            (always will be "beautiful girl")


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              What a beautiful baby girl! Congratulations man, don't have any kids of my own, nor does that look likely any time soon. However I do have a 3rd niece/nephew on the way, and I can't wait!
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                Congrats!!! Welcome to Broncos Country Little Lady!!!

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                  Thank you all very much for your kind words. It really has been an amazing 6 months and I can't believe how fast it's gone! She seems like such a big girl now. She's sleeping in her crib, eating baby food, and sitting up on her own. I do make sure to cherish every moment because I know these years will be gone before I know it. We do plan on having another but we're still a year or two out from that.

                  Don't you all worry, she'll be raised to be a die hard Broncos fan. She already seems to like watching football because when it's on her eyes are on the TV for the most part.

                  Thank you again!
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                    Right on, Old School!

                    Good for you.
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                      Thanks Painter!

                      I have to add another pic because,'s the cutest one yet!

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                        She's so adorable! She's looks like "Little Pink Riding Hood"
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