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    Originally posted by Spice 1 View Post
    I would get a volt meter and op check the wiring. Check for power to the fan, and work your way back to the relay, etc..

    The only other thing I would consider, is bypassing the relay altogether, and routing the power straight to the ignition. The fan will run constantly, but whoopdey do. I mean, it's not a show car.

    I'm sure if you trace the wiring with a volt meter, you'll find your problem though. Haynes manuals usually have wiring schematics. That would take away the guess work that goes along with removing the black plastic and electrical tape manufacturers are in love with these days.
    I agree with the wiring part, use a multimeter to check the various pieces of wiring in the path to the fan. If you do have voltage to the fan, then like it was mentioned earlier, there must be a problem on the other side of the wiring, since you've already determined that the motor works.

    However, I wouldn't recommend running straight into the ignition as a fix. If you're going to do it, do it right. The more hillbilly repairs you start doing to a car, the more likely you are to have problems down the road that will be even tougher to fix, especially if you aren't a professional electrician. You're going to be putting more load on the alternator, you're going to be wearing your fan out faster, etc. And the last thing you want is the car lighting on fire or something because your podunk repair job led to a short somewhere down the road. I just suggest taking it to a pro if it comes to the point where you have to start changing things from the way the car was designed.
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      Originally posted by dipablo View Post
      Have you gone over the wires? if you have a cut wire or a badly corroded wire relays wont matter. Also check the grounds if you have a bad ground connection you wont complete the circuit and wont get any power.
      For a temporary fix, I bypassed the relay and have the low fan working all the time.

      My friend is bringing me back his car sometime this weekend, and I'm going to do exactly this. I'll check all of the grounds and see if maybe somebody got corroded and broke.


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        If you've got the fan running by going past the relay, then logically it would seem like your problem is somewhere within the relays, but I may be wrong. But since you replaced all the pertinent parts and everything, the problem must be some wiring that maybe corroded or has come loose, etc. unless you just got really unlucky and got a bad replacement part, haha. Good luck finding your issue.
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