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The best game you have ever had.

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  • The best game you have ever had.

    What is the single best (greatest) game you have ever had as an individual. Doesn't matter if its Football, Soccer, Backgammon. What is it and why?

    I have two that stick out.

    Football game as a Junior in HS. Our team was slammed by the flu and I normally played RB / LB but we didn't have a single person available at the WR postion. So I learned the routes (not hard as there werent many) and lined up at WR for the first time in my life. I caught 6 passes, 3 for TD's had over 200 yard receiving and won offensive player of the week in our league. The only time I ever won it on that side of the ball. I had a fumble recover and a couple of sacks on defense too. I still have the film.

    in 2008 my rugby club was playing in the elite 8 in Austin, TX and at the ripe old age of 38 I scored 3 trys on Saturday, the first was an interception and run for 15 meters, the second was a pick-n-go for about 2 meters and the third was a charge down and recovery in the try zone. By far the best I had played all year. I was so gassed I only played 2o minutes on Sunday but I wasn't really needed.
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    well technically speaking two weeks ago I had my best stats game ever in hockey. I scored 3 goals and had 6 assists (9 points!) in one game. We kicked the living piss out of this team 13-0. So technically speaking that was my best game ever. However, my actual best game ever was probably about 7-8 years ago when we won the championship.

    That game was against the russians for the cup and they had this one guy who was just like Ovi. He was amazingly good. Anyway, that game I was all over the ice forechecking and blocking shots on the PK and what not. I only finished with 1 goal and 1 assist. But the real part was when I was assigned to shadow this guy for the rest of the game. I play center which means I have to play all parts of the ice and be the first man back on defense on back checking. Anyway, I did my part, I shut him down the entire game champ bailey style. I was his shadow and would literally leave position and chase him wherever he went when he had the puck. Hardest I have ever skated in my life. One of the best players I have ever seen in my life (im sure he plays pro hockey somewhere now--or did, we are older now). So despite the lack of stats, it was the things I did that did not show up on the score sheet which made it the best game I had ever played. And yes, we did beat the Russians and win the championship! It was so awesome!!
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      For me it would for sure be the national championship tournament I wrestled in 7th grade. I wasn't seeded but the kid I wrestled first was seeded 4th and I pinned him in the 2nd period. I ended up getting 4th place in the nation and beat almost every single kid I went against with the same exact was almost unstoppable! Funny thing is I watched the video from that tournament a couple weeks ago. I miss that sport.
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      You damn right!

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        In High School I scored 3 TDs on 4 interceptions. In soccer I scored 4 goals but it was an unofficial contest.

        On a side note, I pitched to Manny Ramirez way back when, but I don't remember it. My friends keep telling me about it.


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          for me i have 2! First was my Electric NFL board game that was awesome and second, was Tecmo Bowl for nintendo!!


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            In rec league Basketball I had 36 points and 7 3s in one game I also has 8 rebounds. I felt unstoppable
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              When I came in first in the Diaper Derby and beat all them Olympic hopefuls.
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                In high school I made 5 of 7 three pointers and ended up with over 20 points in a game during my sophomore season (Twice that year I had 5 3's; 5 for 7 once and 5 for 9 the other time). My junior year I split time between jv and varsity, and unfortunately, I didn't play my senior year.
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                  Originally posted by FLBroncFan
                  When I came in first in the Diaper Derby and beat all them Olympic hopefuls.
                  Yet you're not in the Olympics for Diaper Derby...

                  Anyways, for me I've had a few moments in sports.
                  But for me out of all my sport related games, it'd have to be winning my first wrestling tournament. It was my first time wrestling, I barely understood the rules, and I didn't look the part. But I pulled out the tournament the winner, raw wrestling talent. Because of that, I continued wrestling for 2 more years. Now it's a base in my mix martial arts training.

                  Going in I had no faith in myself, it was a new sport I didn't understand anything. Of course I was cocky around the other wrestlers, claiming to be the best. Never want people to know when you're weak. But when I was on the mat, my football mind set kicked in. They might be better than me going in, but they wont be better going out.
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