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    Originally posted by Flatlander Fan View Post
    So many comedians, so many different types of humor.

    Steve Martin gets a nod, Rodney Dangerfield too.

    What about Bob Hope, George Burns, and other classics?

    Jim Gaffigan - like PA said already - is my current favorite.

    Humor is so variable it's hard to narrow down to "the best" if you ask me.

    Here's a list of 100. Some incredible talents on there.

    I need to remember the great comedians from the past. It's all relative, they were the funniest of their era - people like Bob Hope for example. I won't mention others from "back then", but they were so funny.....when I was a youngin.

    I do think Richard Pryor was a great comedian. He might be my favourite. And yes, I liked Steve Martin when he was "on". Robin Williams can be hilarious. And Hedberg was very funny for the short time I got to know him.

    Some people make me laugh very easily. Not many, but some. If for example they are selecting MCs for The Academy Awards, I am still partial to Martin or Billy Crystal. They know how to make Hollywood laughable.....and they definitely make me laugh.
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      Russell Peters!!!

      Someone gonna get hurt real bad!