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  • Originally posted by SKULLMAN View Post
    I would have to agree with you. Camero and cudas are bad cars, my pops has a 69 camero that he is redoing we just finished his interior too, theirs nothing like a father and son doing a couple of rebuilds togeather
    That is so true. I grew up around cars but my dad never really let me help so I learned most of it on my own. I tired to get my kids into helping and my son just did not want to have anything to do with cars other than wish he had one.

    My daughter on the other hand would not leave my side when I worked in the garage and she would help and ask questions. The dirtier she got the better. :thumb: Momma was not always happy with me taking her in the garage and then she would come back filthy from head to toe.

    She is pretty amazing, she recently threw a rod through the side of the block in her Toyota so we went and got a new block, installed new pistons, rings, rods, crank, bearings the whole nine yards. She was there every step of the way helping and rebuilding her engine.

    She knows more about cars then most people her age and her boy friend just refers to her as the mechanic in the family. So much fun working on cars with her.
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    • Haha, I don't really think Cudas or Camaros are boring cars, I just think they're a little too sought after (understandably, of course). I wanted to do something different, something a little more rare. You see way too many '69 Camaros in any given Hot Rod magazine, so I want to be different, I guess.

      Oh, you're on, 55! It may take a few years, though.
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