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Mass shooting in Aurora movie theatres...

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  • Originally posted by DenverBlood View Post
    Yeah that is terrible news. I know firsthand what that feels like to go through something like that. Contrary to what some political parties would argue the parents are definitely attached to at least the thought of their unborn child by 8 weeks. And they would've already seen ultrasound pictures that actually look like a human baby. Though very tiny.

    I feel very bad for them having to go through this.
    Please don't take it there.

    I'm sorry you went through that. I know it must have been hard.

    Originally posted by CoryWinget81 View Post
    My daughter went to school with and knew Veronica. We still don't know how to tell her.
    What a difficult situation. My thoughts will be with you.

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    • Originally posted by Peanut View Post
      Please don't take it there.
      There is a reason I didn't specifically call out a political party. So as not to offend anyone thinking I was calling them out. Was just making the reference that some believe that. And despite that parents that go through it get very attached by that point.

      So I feel bad for her having to go through this because the article stated how the husband used this as a way to cheer his wife up to help her through the trama. And the media used it as a feel good story and called it a miracle. So after they got their hopes up I can't imagine what they are going through now.