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Hillsborough Disaster Tribute.

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  • Hillsborough Disaster Tribute.

    On April 15th, 1989, 96 Liverpool fans went to an FA Cup Semi Final at Hillsborough Stadium, Sheffield, and never returned.

    Blame was immediately placed on Liverpool's supporters for rushing through the gate and causing a massive human crush, branded as ticketless drunks amongst many other things. However, last week, an independent inquiry into the disaster uncovered the disgusting truth. The Police were to blame for causing the disaster and, in a sickening attempt to cover up the truth, altered statements of well over a hundred officers to shift the blame from themselves onto the innocent Liverpool fans.

    Tributes have poured in from up and down the country to Liverpool, my club's great rivals. However, I consider myself priveleged and honoured to have been in attendance for Everton's remembrance the 96 victims, check out this beautiful tribute.

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    Beautiful indeed.

    I read about it in the news yesterday.
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