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I (Kinda) Love November!

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    Originally posted by CoryWinget81 View Post
    I love November

    I don't have to shave (not that I do anyway)
    I get to wear hoodies
    I get to eat all things pumpkin
    I get to drink winter seasonal beers
    Football is in full swing
    Hockey has just kicked off...OH WAIT

    Yeah, that's the only bummer about November for me this year.

    OH, and the NBA started! WOOHOO!
    Originally posted by Frenchy180 View Post
    This sums up most of my thoughts about November, except for the NBA... Toss in Thanksgiving and November is the perfect month.

    Yeah, not down with the hockey thing. But I'll add one for the ladies;

    It's getting into rain season, yet not so cold you can't take her out and dance in the rain with her. :thumb:
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