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  • Whats this world coming to?

    So yesterday 3 of my friends (all Brothers) from a town over from me that I have been friends with for years got tricked into going to meet up with some girl that was supposedly gonna give back a chain that her friend had stolen from 1 of the 3 brothers and when they got there they were jumped by kids with weapons, The two younger brothers were both stabbed multiple times and the older brother was beat with a blunt object... The youngest of the 3 died from the wounds and the other was in critical condition but was released sometime today... And the older brother wasn't injured as bad as the other two since he wasn't stabbed but just beat with a blunt object....

    This girl that tricked them into going there should be in jail too. This is just horrible every ones age from both parties ranged from 17 to 27. So someone died because of a stupid friggin chain i cant believe it. Kid these days just don't care about anything anymore. What ever happend to the days when people use to just fight 1v1 with just there fists and then squashed the beef when it was over. That's why now its even even worth fighting for anything anymore because you never know whats going to happen since people need to use weapons or jump people.

    So if anyone plans on being in a fight its just better to leave it be, let it go and walk away, Because it could be your last day, And can be your last day over something so stupid like a chain.,971244.story

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    Anything can happen anymore I guess, sad but true.

    This happened not far from here last Spring I think it was.
    Poor woman went to HELP these people who ended up killing her. Lured her to meet them saying they had car trouble. At least they left the baby alone.

    Not sure who can trust anymore sometimes?
    Again, could be your last day.

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      The day of the one on one fight is long over. It was gone even before my day, but at least then it was still fists and nobody pulled weapons. Things like this make me sick.

      And Jovi, with incidents like that, it's no wonder people don't stop to help each other anymore.


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        It's tragic. From an almost lawyer's analysis, legally she's guilty of murder
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          Such a sad story. Unfortunately JR74 is right. No such thing as a fight anymore, a lot of people travel in packs, and a lot of the ones who don't carry weapons. I'm not normally a fighter, have defended myself when I've needed to before, nowadays it's just too risky, the second you get into a confrontation nowadays you run a very high risk of being stabbed, shot or beaten to death. Sad state of affairs. So many kids are brought up without absolutely no discipline anymore. Political correctness gone mad.
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            Just heard on the news that both brothers were stabbed in the back so it wasnt even a fight, that just makes me mad


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              That's just sick. Yes, she should be an accomplice and punished just as harsh.
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                The new reality. Win at all costs. No honor, no respect. I could tell stories all night of disgusting behavior like that.


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                  Wow thats terrible.

                  I was watching a show ( forget what something like "deadly children." )

                  Kids did some messed up stuff in the 70s and 80s to minorities and gays. Some of it even preventable but the police didnt care back then sometimes.

                  These things did use to happen, its just more in your face now.


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                    Here it is:



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                      This is horrible.

                      I grew up in a small town. Fights happened all the time. I've been in a few maybe more then I care to admit. I've been jumped before, luckily they didn't have weapons.

                      But most the time it was just one on one. If friends were around, both sides tried to make sure it stayed that way.

                      I live in a big city now. I'm a little more leery to get in a fight here because of stuff like that.

                      Plus. I just don't want to fight any more. I've grown up. My life isn't worth my pride being hurt a little any more.
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                        Sorry for your loss man It's really a shame what people will do over such petty stuff these days
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                          Stuff like this has happened throughout the history of the world, so I don't think people are just now being egotistical and selfish and petty and violent. Still sad though.

                          I've never been in a fight. I don't really get how it's that hard to avoid one unless you're being purposely lured into it.