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Is "Christmas sucks" the "in" thing to say now?

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    I see my family all the damn time - i dont need a holiday that makes me spend money to do so


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      Giving always makes ya feel better. Wanna know what to give me?


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        Nope, but Tulips on my organ would be a nice way to start..


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          oh snap!!!!

          "The Gagne T-shirt jersey comes with a complimentary can of gasoline and a set of matches."


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            I feel that the holidays in general are a time that we give thanks, give to loved ones, and give to those who don't have.

            In there is the totally secular ideals of the holidays. So contrary to my friend's belief, I feel that the "holidays" can be celebrated without feeling that something was taken away from Christmas... Santa and the "Christmas tree" fall under these things...and as Dikken's(sp intentional) would say, this can and should be held in our hearts every day of the year anyway.

            "Christmas" however is a religious holiday that only happens once a year. Christ, the Savior's, birthday.

            And if any Christians are reading, I would say to them that they should celebrate the secular "holidays" for it too is good, but to make sure than this does not overcrowd the other very important recognition of when the embodyment of God's grace first entered the world in the form of Jesus.