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    We love camping. We have been out of the scene for a couple of years due to the grandkids living here for awhile and other family obligations.

    But we are FREE now and we went to Minersville Res a couple of weeks ago.

    Here's my issue: We do the tent scene. We have a big tent with a screened in porch and the whole ball of wax. We also have a sun shade gazebo with screened in netting around it. We have all the "roughing it" gear you need with portable grill, stove, battery and even our own port-a-potty for wifey that goes in our tent.

    I sorta like this but she is harping and in a mood. She wants to buy a big fancy camper trailer now that we are getting older and bring some more of the "home" type life into our camping experience.

    So I ask you. What do YOU prefer and why? Camping trailers with sinks, stoves, refrigerators and bathrooms along with the obvious beds or do you prefer a more upscale camping trailer like those monsters that people drive or 5th wheels etc?

    Or.... would you rather just pitch a tent where ever you go and deal?

    I'm on the fence with it but leaning towards my wife's decision that we should invest in some sort of hauling RV (like a 26') or in that range. I've been resistant with the idea but starting to cave in.

    What say you?
    Sleeping Bag Under A Tree
    Just My Tent With A Few Added Blankets Etc.
    My Tent With All The Additions Like I Posted
    A Small Camper Just To Get By
    A Larger Camper With Great Home Like Features
    Give Me The Big Ass Bus WIth Hot Tubs And HD TV!!!!
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    When camping with the wife and kid, we have an old camper we take. Propane stove works, beds, no running water or electricity. It's fun and pretty easy. It's a really old camper, not great, but you can sleep in it comfortably and it keeps the rain out.

    When I'm camping on my own or without the family, a small tent, small folding chair, sleeping bag, pillow and sleeping mat. That's it except for food and water (minimal). If I'm not camping with the family I'm camping off of my motorcycle, so I have to pack small and light. There is not much room for lots of stuff. TBH I enjoy the motorcycle minimalist approach more than the bring everything in the camper approach.


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      Pitch a tent, bring all your food and beer in a couple coolers and cook everything with a fire or propane.

      Most of the time I go camping we're always hiking, on the lake, mountain biking or doing something away from the campsite during the day so what we have there doesn't matter as much.
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        Depends on what you want to get out of your camping experience I suppose. If you want a certain level of comfort while basically just traveling, go for the camper. If you want to be out in the nature for real, then alls you need is a tent.


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          I'm really just good with the basic tent setup. As long as I don't get rained on when I'm sleeping I'll be happy. Also for bugs/etc. Sometimes if I know my back is acting up I'll take the air matress, it's worth it.


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            Tent is all you need! Anything less is too discomforting, anything more is not camping anymore imo. Bring beer, BBQ, whatever kind of mattress and you are set!
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              I really like the just a tent...however I like to hike and be able to take my place of sleep with I can't really do the whole big camper thing...


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                I used to really hate camping growing up. Missed all the electronics, hot shower, a/c and convenience of civilization too much. My parents always did tent camping and we slept in sleeping bags on the ground. Uncomfortable and cold.

                I realized at a much older age that I always had fun and just didn't appreciate it as much. Of course I also at the time didn't have much patience for fishing and hated hiking as well. But when the kids could do whatever they wanted I had a lot more fun.

                Later on my grandparents got an RV and eventually my parents started renting trailers in camp resorts. And eventually they bought a 5th wheel to haul wherever. I admit they are extremely nice and I hate missing football games during the fall. So I loved and still do love having it available with better meals, A/C and tv at night.

                However after I got married my wife and I got a tent but instead of sleeping on the ground we brought an air mattress. So much more comfortable sleep. Now that I have a son of my own I want him to grow up with this kind of experience. So for the foreseeable future we plan to do strictly tent camping. I just bought a new tent that is bigger and can suit multiple air mattresses. That's my exception to doing a tent. I refuse to go back to the ground.

                But I appreciate the outdoors a lot more now and probably also because I just don't spend much time outdoors anymore. So it's nice when I do go. But it just has more of an actual camping feel too it. To me it's not camping when you are in a big RV/5th wheel that is practically like your house and in a resort with 2-300 other people. We always did our camping in remote areas in Colorado where there were no other people. Literally in the great outdoors roughing it. I've been to camping resorts with my wifes family and there was playgrounds and showers and half the people were sitting outside their 5th wheels watching football like it was a tailgate. That's not camping.

                However great places for camping aren't as available here either. Have to drive a good 6+ hours to get to any real good areas in the appalations.

                I'm sure one day when we get older and conditions are more unbearable we will go the route of 5th wheel with a bed. But for now while my son is young I intend to actually camp when we go camping. Not go to a resort that's by some pine trees.

                And how can I give my son the experience of sitting around a camp telling stories by the fire when he can go inside and play video games on the tv in an RV?


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                  I have done the tent thing so I am all for the camper, hot tub etc route now. That being said every kid needs to sleep in a tent and cook over a capfire.

                  So glad I am not a kid anymore.


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                    I'm a tent sleeper with sleeping bag.

                    I put the kids in a seperate tent facing mine so I can keep an ear on them.

                    The end.
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                      Last time we went, we did a little of both. Took my parents pop-up that slept my wife and daughter, while me and my son slept in a tent. At least until it was pouring rain. Then we moved inside the camper.

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                        Originally posted by Broncoholic3233
                        FF is awesome!


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                          I'm a tent camper, though lately I must confess I've started eye-ing those little pop-up jobs in curious ways...
                          Originally posted by Broncoholic3233
                          FF is awesome!


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                            Originally posted by Flatlander Fan View Post
                            Friggen Funny As Hell!!!!!!

                            Must spread around Matt.....
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                              All I need is beer.
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