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    Originally posted by theMileHighGuy View Post
    What do you use to cut the insides down? Does that change the sound a lot?

    I'm a bass player I don't know these things
    Thank all!

    I use a router for everything except the first cuts I use a table saw. Once the pieces are ripped down into staves with angles beveled at the joints, I attach disks to the open ends that have a hole right in the center where I insert an axle. It's just like a wheel. I orient a router bit on a flat surface top facing upwards and spin the shell horizontally over the bit. It naturally makes a perfect circle.

    As for the insides that's a bit more complicated. Especially for smaller drums. If it's diameter is under 12" I have to tilt my router so it can reach the center of the drum because the router wont fit inside. But it's all done with jigs n stuff. The jig for cutting the inside consists of 2 steel conveyor tube wheel thingies (they basically look like fluorescent bulbs but they are metal and are fitted with bearings) The drum sits on the 2 tubes and can turn on them. Then I mount 2 rails that the router slides on that go through the center of the drum. I slide the router through the drum and turn the drum removing material bit by bit.
    The beatings will continue until morale improves....