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What Were You Like In High School.....

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  • What Were You Like In High School.....

    What were you? Were you one of the following? I was a loner (surprise surprise) but because I refused to conform, I was still popular
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    I was a "brain" in high school, and still am in college. I wouldn't say I was really popular. I was on good terms with mostly everyone, but didn't closely befriend too many because I was always too mature for my classmates and didn't wan't to put up with their stupidness.


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      In high school I was a borderline popular football kid.

      I was friends with all the "jocks" and hung out with them but I was in the more intelligent classes so I also had the intelligent kids that liked to secretly party.

      Did a lot of drinking, regrettably.


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        Hmm, I was a 4.0 student who built computers, was in the AV, chorus, and drama clubs, and played on both lines in football. I'd say the only thing I wasn't was a goth.


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          The few friends I had were on the fringes of society.

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            Originally posted by SoundsOfSuccess View Post
            In high school I was a borderline popular football kid.

            I was friends with all the "jocks" and hung out with them but I was in the more intelligent classes so I also had the intelligent kids that liked to secretly party.

            Did a lot of drinking, regrettably.
            That's me right there. Although at times I did the loner thing from fallouts with friends or whatever.


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              I was a slacker.... I got along with all types, but had mostly older friends who I was with outside of school. Had a few close friends in school but mostly liked all types of people. Slacker, not stupid by any means, but skipped so much school the first three years, that come senior year had to do summer school and night school in order to graduate with my class.
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                I was a "stoner".

                I'm not anymore


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                  Apparently in a predominately white suburban high school this is a category.


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                    I was the smart guy everyone got along with. I had played sports through my freshman year then decided i wasn't built for highschool football. I partied with the Jocks and was friends with the geeks...let's be honest I am an engineer now so I was a geek too.

                    I think highschool was what you make of it. I never let anyone tell me I couldn't do something or hang out with a group of people and I think that was why I liked it so much.


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                      Besides goth...all the above.

                      I was everywhere. I played sports, I was pretty nerdy, a lot was expect of me because my knowledge of science and history. I had a lot of friends, but I wouldn't say I was apart of the typical popular crowd.

                      High School was pretty weird for me. Nobody knew much about me because I didn't open up a lot, I was pretty much the same way I am now with people. Everyone around me is on a need to know bases.

                      At the end of the day I was major slacker and just an all around lazy guy.
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                        I don't think I really fit into a particular category. Just a normal average kid.

                        I'm athletic but didn't play sports in high school. Mostly just with friends outside of school but never for the school.

                        I was smart but lazy so I did well in classes I was interested in but my GPA was around a 3.0 because I slacked off in classes I hated. Didn't study or do homework a ton which is why I considered myself smart for still maintaining a 3.0.

                        Far from geeky but I was friends with some of them. I didn't discriminate by any means with who I talked to or got along with.

                        I guess you could almost classify loner in the sense that I didn't join sports, clubs, activities or any sort of groups at school. I stayed away from all that. But not loner as in I had several friends from different groups that I hung out with regularly.

                        I had fun in high school even though back then I couldn't wait to get out. But that was mainly because I was in a hurry just to grow up and do adult things which I sometimes regret now.


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                          Of those, a jock I suppose. Doesn't really work that way over here, though - at least not in high school.
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                            By the way maybe the question should say what were/are you like in high school. As I'm pretty sure we probably have a pretty large crowd of youngsters on these boards.


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                              Jack of all trades, master of none. I got along with pretty much everyone, only had a few very close friends though, that's all you need.

                              If I had to pick I'd say I was closer to "Goth" than anything, due to my long hair and taste in music.
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