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  • Do You Know Any Celebrities?

    Besides me, of course. I've met dozens, and of course I was one. However I was related to the pitcher Stanley Timothy Crews, who pitched for the Dodgers. So, how about you?
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    Depends on what you consider a celebrity. I've met a lot of Lions players during my life time. I'd see and talk to Harmon Moore and Luther Ellis often when I was a kid. My grandfather played for the Bengals and Packers, was one of the University of Michigan's best linebackers.

    Don't remember if I met him as a baby or not, but Jerome Bettis would often visit my grandmother's house. When he was in high school he had a crush on my aunt whom always turned him down. He'd come over to rake the leaves or shovel snow.

    There was a singer who got his hair done by my aunt, don't remember his name. But got to meet him.

    I've never met Andre Goodman, but him and my cousin have a kid together. When he first signed with Denver I asked her if she could give me his number, but since they no longer talk she wouldn't give me it.

    My family has a lot of weird celebrity stories. Smokey Robinson had a crush on my grandmother.
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      I clicked Yes before I read besides you.

      I met Mel Gibson a really long time ago, before he was insane.


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        I've met a ton of celebrities.


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          I've met a bunch of celebrities but I don't personally know any. Clayton Kershaw and Luke Hochevar are my 2nd cousins.
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            Originally posted by Houshmazode View Post
            I've met a bunch of celebrities but I don't personally know any. Clayton Kershaw and Luke Hochevar are my 2nd cousins.
            Clayton would count
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              I've met tons of celebrates. I have autographs and sports memorabilia from meeting professional athletes too, I keep it in safe play luckily. My dad crazy enough was a McDonald's All-American in HS basketball making him one of top 20 best HS players in the country at the time. He still has plague and rewards to this day.

              He had opportunity to play with some of 1992 dream team over the summer at camp that included:

              Scottie Pippen
              Charles Barkley
              John Stockton
              Karl Malone
              Shawn Kemp
              Magic Johnson
              Larry Bird

              Some names I am missing and leaving out, I can't remember them all. My dad was coached by Bobby Knight at All-American McDonald's game playing on West squad. Still has some interesting stories. Eventually, he gave up basketball and went to Indiana to play college baseball, he was a good pitcher. I went off-topic sorry haha.
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                I've been in the same vicinity with a couple celebrities... but never met any, I don't like to bother people... so even if I do want an autograph I wouldn't ask. I sat across from Fergie and the Black Eyed Peas on a very long international flight ... they were in coach, but they had pretty much the whole back of the plane. I saw Shannyhan in a restaurant in Denver when he was still the HC.... I was wearing one of my Broncos sweatshirts... kinda wanted an autograph, but didn't want to bother him for it.... so no I've never met any celebrities....
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                  I've met plenty of football players etc. But there's a guy called Ross Barkley who plays for Everton. He's widely considered one of the best young prospects in World football (soccer), and it's no joke, he is only 19 but he's the real deal, such a wonderfully talented player.

                  Anyway, long story short, I went to the same school as him, albeit 2 years above him, but still, I remember walking past him in the hallways etc like it was yesterday. He once nutmegged me as well, basically for those who don't know, that's when someone kicks the ball through your legs, it's considered to be quite embarrassing, but it happened to me from someone who I now pay to watch every week, that's something I'll be telling my grandkids one day!
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                    I went to high school with the Buffalo Bills CB Aaron Williams. He's a jerk though, so I didn't really like him that much. I also knew the basketball player AJ Abrams very briefly. He played college ball for Texas, but never got drafted into the NBA. Does that really qualify as knowing a celebrity? I don't consider it so, so my answer to the poll is no.


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                      So do local celebrities count?

                      I've never met you so you don't count.

                      My best friend, plays and coaches professional soccer.

                      I met Thomas Rongen, an MLS soccer coach once.

                      An old high school acquaintance, Jon Condo, is the long snapper for the Raiders.

                      I met some old Redskin football player in the parking lot when I went to the Broncos game, but other then that nope, no one that I really wanted to meet.

                      Famous person status for me would be:

                      A member of the Denver Broncos, someone from Dave Matthews Band, and a few soccer players.
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                        Went to school with both AJ Green and Carlos Dunlap. Had class with Green, had the same lunch period as Dunlap. Didn't talk to Carlos though.
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                          Originally posted by HUMCALC View Post
                          Clayton would count
                          True. I normally don't count most pro athletes as celebrities unless their some of the top athletes in their sport and Clay is getting there.

                          I also met Danny Woodhead a couple times. My cousin backed him up in college and I ran track in the same conference so we saw each other a few times at games and meets.
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                            Depends on how you classify "celebrities" and "knowing" them. Played pick up basketball once against a future NBA player named Sonny Parker when I was still in junior college, met Avengers director Joss Whedon (and several other people involved with the show) at one of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer Posting Board parties as well as meeting Alyson Hannigan at a sci-fi con in Denver. Met Jerry Reed in passing at Dallas Airport once, no time to talk as we were heading to catch different planes and he didn't necessarily want to hang out with some stranger at the airport anyway. Met "The Mummy" actor Oded Fehr when he was working community theatre in Frankfurt, Germany (my wife and kids were working backstage on a show he was in) in the early 90's.

                            However, I didn't really "know" any of these folks to talk to.

                            And, I was once related by marriage to actress Dee Wallace Stone, but haven't spoken to her since I was a teenager a LOOOOONNNNNNGGG time ago.
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                              I went to middle school with Michael Beasley
                              Close family friends sister is Jennifer Tilly.

                              Two friends/teammates from highschool are on the verge of celeb status in athletics.
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