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  • I got down from 15 stone to 13.5 stone (210lbs to 189 if you prefer) but started resting on my laurels and gained about 5 lbs. Gonna start again and aim to reach my original goal of 180 lbs.
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    • Just came across this thread and thought Id offer up some helpful info that you may not know...

      Based on the average height and body framed male and female - by just going about your daily actives each day without exercise, a person lose 10x their body weight. So if you weigh 200 lbs, you would then lose 2,000 calories (200 x 10) in a day by just going about your daily activities.

      Not that anyone wants to do this, but to make it easier to understand, ill go off the basis of 1 lb;

      In order to lose 1 lb in a day, you have to burn 3,500 calories less than what you consume. So, if you weigh 200 lbs and therefore burn 2,000 calories by going about your daily activities, you still have to burn another 1,500 calories during that day without eating anything in order to lose 1 lb. If you weight 200 lbs and burn 2,000 calories with daily activities, plus you consume 1,000 calories, you would then have to burn 2,500 calories during that day in order to lose 1 lb.

      Doing the simple math, every 350 calories burned less than your calorie intake in a day is equivalent to 1/10th of a lb lost in one day.

      Keep in mind, this is based on the average height and body framed (note: NOT average weight) male and female. The 3,500 cal to 1 lb per day ratio fluctuates depending on if your short and a small body framed or tall and big body framed.
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