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  • 100%Broncoholic
    100%Broncoholic- Weighing in on 8/4/13 at 249.6 lbs and a 6 foot male.

    I commute 2 hours and 20 minutes a day, so coffee and donuts are my friend.

    I work late and don't always pack my lunch for work so Ill go grab fast food.

    Working out gets hit by me wanting to spend time with my children when they are awake.

    My goal weight by February is 230 lbs.

    Things I will do to help with my weight loss:
    Exercise Daily
    Packing lunches for work with proper portions.
    Change serving sizes at dinner
    Decrease alcoholic intake until Sundays for Broncos game.
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  • 100%Broncoholic
    started a topic Broncos Belly Off Club

    Broncos Belly Off Club

    Since we have some people on here talking about their plans to live a more healthy life style, lifting, eating right, getting rid of bad vices, etc, let's start our Broncos Belly Off Club.

    Rules of the Game:

    You must set a goal weight by February 1, 2014.

    To stay in the game, you must be making monthly strides towards your goal. If you gain weight at the end of the month then you are out.

    To start post your weight and at the end of each month you will post your weight to show your progress.

    We will go on the honor system that you will be truthful.

    Post your starting weight in a post and then edit it as necessary to show your progress.

    So who is with me? What does the winner get? Well you can compete against other Broncos fans and shed some pounds. The person who wins will be the one who losses the most will be our winner. Please do this in a responsible and healthy way.

    If you choose to quit and leave, simply delete your post, or if you gain weight at the end of the month weigh in you can delete your post.

    Winner is: Winner should be largest %% lost. Some people will have more pounds to lose, be bigger, all that yadda yadda and the initial losses will be great and the pound number will look more impressive. Per Eb!

    Take a picture this week to have to compare in February.

    Weigh in Dates:
    August 31
    September 30
    October 31
    November 30
    December 31
    January 31

    Any other suggestions are welcome. I always like a competition for a game, so let's rise up and do this.
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