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Champ, a little over a year later.

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  • Champ, a little over a year later.

    So, I have a cat. I've always been a very big dog person and cat's have been ok, but then I got Champ. I was looking for a kitten or little puppy for my apartment and one day my mom calls me and tells me that a lady she works with found a kitten on the side of the street almost dead. He was 1 week old. Her little son had found him and they picked him up and took him to the vet, but because of certain reasons herself and a friend of her's couldn't keep the kitten, so I found out. When I got him, he was 2 weeks old and still very sick. I had to syringe feed him 2 times a day and give him medicine 1 time a day so he could survive, but he was more than a fighter! That's why I named him Champ, after Champ Bailey and because he's a champion! Now he has more than a zest for life and enjoys everything that he does even if it's annoying my girlfriend and I lol. He fought for his life and I feel I'm giving him the best possible. Sorry, but just had to tell his's unique for sure. Since then he has had some health issues but always fought through them. Keep in mind in this pic, when I first got him he could fit in the palm of my hand at 2 weeks and now he's a year and 4 months old. The whole point is fight for life. He had no hope at the start of his but did whatever he could and now is happier and more loved than most out there.

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    You truly are a special kind of strange ha ha ha.
    You damn right!

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    Dude that's awesome. I had two Labs named Champ (yellow Lab) and Bailey (black Lab). Bailey recently passed from complications from a tumor and I had to give up Champ after moving to a smaller apartment.


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      Great story! Pets really do make a difference.

      My Elway (Black Lab) overcame parvo as a brand new pup and is now a 110 bruiser!

      8 years later still going strong!
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        That's so awesome.... both my mutts are rescue pets.

        One came from my stepson years ago, because he knows what a sucker I am for animals. When he got his first apartment, the management said either him or the dog had to go... got the sob story, nobody loves him but me can he stay here til I find him a good home...didn't want to send him to the pound... love that dog he's been mine ever since.

        My other pup was about five weeks old when my neighbors found him on a busy street, and picked him so he didn't get hit. They couldn't have any more pups, and thought of us because I had just put my lab down of 15 years a couple months prior.

        I love when rescue pets find a good home, they're so lovable.
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          Great story man.

          The wife and I have two shi tzu's and I'm trying to convince her to get a cat (I also want another Chow Chow ever since mine passed away a few years ago). Growing up we always had a cat in the house. I remember the last cat we had was housed trained like a dog. We didn't have a litter box, it would go out a couple times a day. I'm still amazed that cat would go out in the middle of winter in Nederland, CO twice a day lol
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            Great story man! I have 3 dogs and 4 cats in my house lol. Two of them are kittens we got a couple months ago. Named the Peyton and Bailey

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