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  • Broncomania Complaint Department

    Non official

    So here's the deal. You complain. Let it all out. Go ahead, don't be shy.

    There's a few rules.

    1. You MUST abide by the CoC.
    2. Your complaints must not be about another member, or the boards themselves. There are other avenues for that stuff.

    But anything else you wanna get off your chest? Your wife/husband/GF/BF/BFF/SO bothering you? Mad at a player for dropping a ball? Mad at your car for something? Your kids? Your parents? Someone cut you off in traffic, or didya burn your dinner last night?

    Maybe your credit card is pissing you off like mine. Lets hear it!

    What's under your skin?

    Now like most Customer Service Departments, you ain't getting any satisfaction here.

    I am not here to fix your problems, nor is anyone else. If someone want's to help you, great, but don't EXPECT any answer here. Just a place to get whatever it is off your chest. An inbox where your complaints go........... and stay.

    Just like the real thing! haha

    And guys, gals, not every complaint demands a response. If you really think you can help someone, also great, but please don't argue with someone if you disagree with whatever it is they are having trouble with. This is where you should all feel free to just let it out without having to defend yourself.

    You have the whole rest of the boards to argue for the sake of argument.

    Remember, this is public. Your opening a window into yourself every time you post, and this is no different.

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    Costa Rica beat the US....I call bull. The US had to practice at a dairy plant and couldn't practice with the game balls. Why? Because the Costa Rican team and it's nation thing the US rigged the previous game somehow. You know the game in Denver where it snowed? Apparently the snow was caused by the US.
    Pretty heated(not really) about this.

    My internet connection is complete crap. I was in the middle of doing what nerds to do best(play video games) when my connection disconnected. All that work lost.

    Notre Dame is chickening out of playing Michigan. Pisses me off that they'll pass up one of the most storied college sport rivalries.
    Hope we beat them tonight worst than we beat Central.

    Another complaint...certain fan bases need to do better. Calling for players heads after simple mistakes makes the fan base for your(our) team look bad.
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      My mom made BBQ chicken on Monday. She didn't buy the food on time, she made it late, and then left the food in front of my face, while she watched her show. You just can't do that to a quad
      "Happiness is just an illusion, filled with sadness and confusion." Jimmy Ruffin


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        My hangover hurts....

        But what a game!


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          The Denver Broncos Extra Points credit card.

          You know, the one they advertise everywhere. With the Broncos logo on it. Very cool.

          Well, it used to be.

          I have had the "Bronco" credit card for over 20 years. With several different banks. I have always used it to keep track of all my Bronco related purchases. Used the points along the way, and got many cool items over the years. The last one was a full sized Helmet case for my Elway helmet. Its really sweet!

          Anyway the current bank is Barclays. They took over a few years ago.

          When they did, they (BOA) cancelled my other card, and I had to re-apply. OK, I can live with that. But they gave me about one third the credit line. I always used this card to buy my tickets, and the new credit line didn't even cover that one purchase. it does now, but...

          So anyway, about two months ago I decide to use my accumulated points and get a new top of the line jersey. Stitched and all, ya know? The good one.

          I went to the site, and it's a pain to get to. I have to go thru Barclays first, and they ask a million stupid questions just to get in. My first girlfriends name, first car, and more.

          I get to the rewards page I want eventually, and see the jersey I want. Cool!

          I can only order certain sizes, but I can get a new Julius Thomas jersey, so I use up almost all my points, and get it. Order goes thru fine, and I get a conformation email. About four days later though, I get an email saying I have cancelled the order myself, which I did NOT do.

          I call, and their CS people tell me it's really out of stock, and cannot explain why I got an email saying I cancelled the order. He cannot re-order it for me. Actually, ha cannot really do anything for me, except verify who I am, for security purposes, and tell me how sorry he is.

          I wait a few weeks and try again after my points are restored.

          This time I get an email (again 4 days after everything going thru) saying it's now out of stock, and to call a number. But this time they give me BOAs number! The bank who is NO LONGER associated with the program!

          Of course, I don't call, BOA. I don't have that card anymore. It doesn't exist. Wrong bank.

          I call them, and again they have no explanation, but tell me it IS in stock now, and I should try again, and like a fool I do.

          Third time now.

          Last Wednesday I get yet ANOTHER email telling me it's out of stock, and I call the bank this time. Barclays. I get Stacy, who is very nice, and tell her my problem. Why can't I order this jersey? All I want is a reasonable explanation. Heck, at this point, I am ready for ANY, no matter how stupid. I just want the item they PUSH ME to buy with my points in emails every other week.

          I really just want the jersey. What's the problem here?

          She calls, (we are thinking maybe she can get somewhere with the Extra Points people), and she get Tiffany. Tiffany is also very nice, but like everyone else, has no answers, and can offer no real help. All she did was keep us on the line for 45 minutes (really!) and verify who I am. Kept asking me for my information. All like I am out of the blue, and never ordered anything from them.

          She PROMISES that "the upper management team" will CALL me the next day. Not email, but a phone call, with some answers. Stacy promises to call back this week.

          The next day, I get an email telling me to email, who is another entity entirely, and has noting to do with this. They don't take points. Only money, lol.

          But they do give me 20% using that card, and I can get the jersey. No problem, in any size I want.

          So I use the card to buy the jersey, and get the discount, which is actually only $5 off the tagged price (it came today). They charge $300, and send a jersey that's tagged with a $250 price tag ON IT.

          But I got it, and I used my points to just pay my bill. So it worked out in the end.

          But I could not use my points to just buy the jersey, like I am supposed to be able to do, and their Customer Service department is completely useless. They could do NOTHING for me.

          I used to be able to just call em up, tell em what I wanted, and they took off the points and I got it within a week. But o more. They put me thru electronic hell, and would not help me at all when I called.

          Not only would they not honor the points, they first lied to me, in saying I cancelled the first order, then they sent me to a bank who couldn't possibly help me in any way to deal with this. Bank of America? Why not Bank of Mexico? Or Argentina? They are just as connected to the NFL program today as BoA.....

          Stacy did call me back day before yesterday, and her screen still told her I was still waiting for the jersey.

          Uhh, no. I got my points back, and used every single last one of them to apply to my next statement. I now have ZERO points, and expect a small bill next month. They more than covered the jersey, and some of my ebay purchases for the last month.

          I told her how they sent me another blow off email, and that after talking to NFLSHOP, I decided to go with the other way. (Which I just should have done to begin with, but did not realize they do not really honor the points with stuff, like they used to anymore.)

          She was flabbergasted they did not help me, and could not understand why her screen still showed my original order, and didn't show her ANY of the stuff I did in the week in between our conversations. The jersey purchase from NFLSHOP, or my using points, on two separate days ( I did one to cover just the jersey purchase) to pay down my bill.

          This works like those commercials with Alec Baldwin. Kinda erase my purchases, but it's not purchase specific. You use as many points as you want. That you have, lol.

          So the girl from the bank could not even access up to date information on my account.

          So when my next statement comes next month, I will pay it off as usual, and then cancel the card on the phone.

          I will give them a chance to keep me though. They will need to triple my credit limit to more in line with the rest of my cards, and offer me triple points on every purchase. Not double, and not only on NFL related purchases, which is whole other complaint I could post.

          But that's mute now, as they will never give me what I want to stay their customer.

          Been wanting to rage about that somewhere.......

          Last edited by JWinn; 09-06-2013, 10:54 PM. Reason: spelling, of course, lol


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            I would like to complain about the length of post 5 in this thread


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              Hey! I started this for a reason!

              Wait till you see the next one.

              You love it.


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                C'mon Fishy Fishy. Tell Dr. Mugo allllll about it.


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                  You know what grinds my gears? Gears, they grind.
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                    Originally posted by JWinn View Post
                    C'mon Fishy Fishy. Tell Dr. Mugo allllll about it.

                    You know me, I never complain...but I could do with some tips from Dr Mugo on dealing with fridge chaos!

                    My biggest obsession of the moment is organising the refrigerator.
                    I like everything neat and tidy so I know where everything is.
                    My family do not share this passion.

                    Should I eat the offenders so I can have my nice clean fridge back?


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                      Originally posted by Jaws View Post
                      I would like to complain about the length of post 5 in this thread
                      I don't see your's about 1/2 as long as my average post!

                      (I was going to quote JW's post, but I thought it would cause the server to go down)


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                        Geez JW.......a complaint department?? I might have to neg you for starting such a downer thread......



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                          I need to make more money $


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                            Our broccoli failed and our kale looks more like lace.
                            I call on Elway to authorise strikes on all caterpillars!


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                              Id like to complain about