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How do i get rid of....

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  • How do i get rid of....

    Ahhhhhhhh! I do I get rid of the edit thing next to the quote thing? My computer literacy is not good, but there is a way! Please I hate the emails on my computer! Darn computer illerate! Me!

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    could you run that by us again, b/c i have no idea what you are trying to ask. you want to get rid of the "edit" button? why, then you won't be able to edit posts. and what does that have to do with emails?

    or is this a joke that i don't get?
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      sounds like you dont like getting e-mails from all the posts that you do that someone else posts after you....right? if so, go to your control panel and elect no e-mail notification. that should make the e-mails stop. as for the edit button...thats there to edit your posts after you post incase you screw up and want to fix spelling or change something you may have typed. hope this helped...
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        This guy doesnt make sense he had to much alchol