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Who Was Your First Love?

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  • Who Was Your First Love?

    Not crush, love
    "Happiness is just an illusion, filled with sadness and confusion." Jimmy Ruffin

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    My first love. ..seems like forever ago its a long story but here goes....
    *flashback to 2005*
    I was a freshmen in high school barely starting I had a crush on a girl from the previous year I thought about her all summer but was to chicken poo to ask her out during the beginning of freshmen year there was obvious chemistry between us and one thing led to another and we finally started dating we dated all throughout high school id be lying if I said there werent any rough patches

    But through it all we still ended back together the day I said I love you I just knew
    every other guy in my school was just looking to score then move on I know I was young but I just knew I loved this girl anyway long story short she moved to florida after we graduated from high school for 9 months lied to me that she wasnt seeing or sleeping with anyone I found out horribly and like some kind of idiot kept her around trying to get back with her but after trying and getting rejected I finally found the strength and courage to finally move on

    now im waaay better off with a new girl whom i love to bits although those times will always hold a special place in my heart with the good lessons and bad

    I know you probably didnt want a life story but I thought id share this so youd get the idea of my first love

    Hopefully other stories have a much better ending than mine


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      A girl called Becky in school. I actually loved her but she didn't feel the same and wanted to be friends, so I moved on and she started to feel the same when I never, and so on and so forth. Saw her recently after about 5 years, was nice to see her.
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        My first love I'd say was the guy I dated from my sophomore year of high school til the last couple months of my senior year. He had a bad drug problem, hence I suppose his nickname Specoli, that and he looked like him only with shorter hair. He was a huge Raiders fan.... <- just a memory.

        Anyways, the last time I saw him was in my early twenties. His dad was ill, and he took me to see him. We had remained friends for some time.

        I think about him occasionally, and just hope that he met someone beautiful who helped him overcome, and that his issues with various substances didn't cost him his life.
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          Originally posted by HUMCALC View Post
          Not crush, love

          My first wife "Angela". We met back in 1993 when I first moved back to Texas after living in Colorado for six years. We married in 1995. I fell hard for her. I loved her big time!!!
          Back in 2002 she lost her life in a car accident and my world turned upside down in an instant.
          I was depressed and unhappy for years.
          Fast forward to 2008 when my current wife "Maria" and I started dating.
          We are now married and have two little boys.
          My second shot at life, you could say. I'm not alone anymore!!!
          And yes, even though she's a Texan... she's now a Broncos fan!!!
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            Wow... very interesting...

            My first love was Liss. She's the mother of my children, but we are no longer together. We met my sophomore in high school. She was a senior. We never dated until about a year after I graduated from high school and I had a chance to experience life as an adult on my own for a little while. But we never lost touch. We started to date out of the blue. We got married. Bought a house. Had the first child. Bought another house. Had the second child. What can I say? Life happened and we found ourselves headed different directions in life.

            Do I still love her?? I always will. Not in that special way that makes me remorseful of our lost time together and makes me yearn for her back, but I will always love her as the mother of my children.

            There's a great song out there thought that says "I don't need to be your first, just your last." And that's how I am. I love hard, fall hard, and when I'm in I am ALL in. My happy is out there. But, yeah... she was my first.
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              The woman I'm with now. It's been over 17 years now, I asked her to prom junior year and we talked off and on that summer. We started dating senior year and that was in 1995. After two daughters and a few ups and downs we're still going on like 1995. Having fun together and enjoying the ride, we joke about how we're going to be when we get old.



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                My first "boyfriend" was a redhead four year old.
                The next year I ditched him for a blonde younger model.

                Aged 9 I had a "holiday romance" with a young lad from Hull who has vacationing in our self-catering apartment, but before the end of the week I found out that he had two-timed me and had a liason with the redhead who was staying in our caravan! Apparently she was more adventurous and willing to kiss him!

                My first experience of being head over heels was with a twelve year old clarinetist. Our weekly lessons together were a highlight.

                My first proper relationship was aged 17 with a dark, tall, handsome farmer whom I met in a festival. We went our separate ways when he returned to college though.


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                  I'm 25 and never been in love

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