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    My goal for 2014 is to focus on the good. I am typically a critical person and have the hope that in 2014 I can focus more on the good of people's efforts rather than itemizing all the things I believe they did wrong; as no one really intends to do poorly.

    My kudos are as follows:

    Thanks to my employer: I like my job and enjoy the time I spend there.

    Thanks to my wife: For......I will post on this later...

    Thanks to Knowshon Moreno: You made a big difference in our season and without you it may have turned out differently.

    Thanks to Peyton Manning: I will have a lot of memories of you and this season.

    Thanks to Danny Travathon: In your second season you are 12th in the NFL in Tackles and I am excited to watch you.

    In connection to these boards:

    Thanks to Peanut: I appreciate your kindness.

    Thanks to CanDB: You always keep it hoppin' and give something to talk about when it gets stale.

    Thanks to Taz: I enjoyed the football picks pool.

    Thanks to Birdman: For kicking my butt through most the season.

    Thanks to Run You Over: The nicest guy in the whole world.

    And, Thanks to Sophia: For wishing me well while I was sick. That was nice of you.

    And Thank you Sam Parnell for all your insight-- I have learned a lot.

    And Thank you to Freyaka for reading my mind and typing it for me.

    And, thank you to those of you that found my comments worthy of CP.

    Do you have any kudos to share? If so, share them here. Let 2014 be about the good and maybe let's not be so critical of everything and each other.
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    Thanks for this thread!

    I'll think on this and add more later.


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      You're welcome!

      Good news on that for you Peanut! I was curious when I read that you were dealing with a medical test, but didn't want to pry.

      I would like to give a kudos to Taz for running the football picks. I enjoyed the game.

      Kudos to the mods for keeping this board running so smoothly. When there's spam it's gone quickly. Threads are quickly merged so there's not a ton of threads on the same subject. You always keep it a good place to post, so thanks.

      Thank you, Rancid, for the nice thread.
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        Kudos to Baph on Kish's new sig, it made me laugh….
        Adopted Bronco - 2018/19 - Derek Wolfe
        Adopted Bronco - 2019/20 - Shelby Harris
        Adopted Bronco - 2020/21 - Courtland Sutton
        Adopted Bronco - 2021/22 - Shelby Harris


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          Here's to my family and the posters who are kind to me on here
          "Happiness is just an illusion, filled with sadness and confusion." Jimmy Ruffin


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            Thought I'd bump one I never saw and see if we can spread some more kindness. Not just to each other, but throughout the WORLD!!

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              This thread has much meaning for me. A couple of things recently happened, and now I feel like continuing to contribute, but in the same way Ran described way back focus on the good. And there is so much good to talk about. So I will think about this.

              Interesting (to me) how this thread aligns so closely with other things that have affected me very recently. Good post Ran (and thanks for your kind words back then)….and good bump!

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