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MC and HNY everyone !

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  • MC and HNY everyone !

    Well, I will be on holidays tonight (yep NJie, we have so much holidays here in France... LOL). So I would wish everybody a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year !
    May all your wishes come true !

    Some very special bisous to :
    OB420 (ma puce... Do I need to say more ? LOL)
    Blue (the first girlie I talked to here)
    OBLA (sooooo nice girlie... Drink some wine for me OBLA)
    PC (miss you... But I know you're very busy as me... ... so sad)..
    Margerafanisbac (Susan, I don't know you very well, but according to our few talkings, I would like to know you more)...

    And also (but not bisous... I'm not Greek, NJie... ROFL)
    NJie (my #1 Bro !)
    Horsie (my #2 Bro !)
    Danny (the next NFL superstar !!!)
    Emvp (despite our discusses... We didn't often agree about politics, but that doesn't mean that I don't like the man... At least, you were fair and I enjoyed toi exchange some ideas with you).

    And to all of you ! (no jealous...)
    Well... I hope I didn't forget anybody...
    Just talk slowly please... I'm French


    (Sig made by Snk16)

    (thousands of bisous for Thundergirl, une fille du tonnerre !!!)

    My adoptee-a-fan are THE GIRLIES :kiss:

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    Merry Christmas Frenchie!!!!!!!!, errr, Bon Noel!!!
    See you in the new year!

    "The Gagne T-shirt jersey comes with a complimentary can of gasoline and a set of matches."


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      MERRY CHRISTMAS FRENCHIE! ..ya know..i would be the one sitting here trying to figure out what MC and HNY meant but im a genius so i figured it out (after i read the post..) but ya merry christmas, happy holidays, happy new year, i gotta get up early for ohio tomorrow...ill talk to you all in a few days...have a good one


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        thanks for remembering me nah its ok frenchie your still on my christmas "list"