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April Fool's 2014??

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  • April Fool's 2014??

    Anyone get a prank in??

    I finally did.

    Lot porter was about to jump start a vehicle. I tell him- "Uh.. I wouldnb't recommend jump starting that with it so wet."(should add in that it's been raining pretty hard all day here.)

    He says- "Huh? Why not??"

    I start to shake like I"m being electrocuted and his eyes go wide and he backs away from the car.

    Of course I had to start laughing and say- "April Fool's!!!!!!
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    I'll have to conjure something up. _____
    Brock you like a hurricane!
    Think of a bigger, stronger, more handsome Eli Manning.... That's Fargo.


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      No, I stopped doing them in grade school
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        My dad fooled my mum into thinking he'd gone to the wholesale and accidentally bought loads of rabbit food instead of dog food, nothing spectacular but she still absolutely exploded until finding out!
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