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Leave Things/People Better Than When You First Came Across Them

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  • Leave Things/People Better Than When You First Came Across Them

    It's an admirable way to approach life, if you can. I try, but come up short at times. But generally if we can make even a slight, (positive) difference in the lives of those we meet, and in the things we come across, as in property, processes, and so on, then good on us!

    The people part is extremely valuable. I like to put priority on people over "things". It's cool if you can help others, give them a few more smiles, mentor when appropriate and just generally be someone that others can count on. And hopefully, when you are near the end of your road here, the impression you have made on others comes down to the fact that you are a "good dude" indeed.

    As for the "things" that come our way, like a home, an organization, a job, the environment, and the list goes on, it not only makes the world a better place, but by helping to make those things better you will enrich your own life. And sure, even if you are not in this for "the right thing to do", you may benefit in the form of compensation....and hey, all the power to you! In that case there is tangible "inspiration" involved.

    Hope you can make this a better place. The fact you are trying is a great start!:thumb:

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    It is a shame we cannot fit all that into a fortune cookie.


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      I wreck everything. I treat every problem like a nail......and I am the hammer!

      But Rancid is right.....that is good stuff Can. :thumb: