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    Hi all,
    I have just become engaged and my fiancé and I would like a Broncos themed small wedding. May sound ridiculous to some, but that's what we want. This will be a small private ceremony and I need some ideas. I have found Broncos cake toppers, ring bearer pillows, cake ideas and garters, but need some ideas on what to wear for myself and my fiancé. This will be a fun wedding. I don't know if I should wear my broncos jersey or find a Broncos themed wedding dress.....or if there is such a thing. Saving money so don't want to be to extravagant.
    Thanks, all ideas appreciated.
    Oh, we live in Indiana but are huge Bronco/Peyton fans.
    Mods if this is the wrong place for this please move to where it should be.
    Here's to a SB winning Broncos year!

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    Wow, I love it. Doesn't sound ridiculous to me. Can't help you on the wedding dress but it would be cool to put together a video of some of best plays and players. Maybe Madfanatic can help put some kind of video together. He's really talented with that. Or others have already done that and you could find them on YouTube.

    That's all I got. Great idea. Wish you luck and much happiness.
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      I went online and paid a celebrity locating website for Elways address. Didn't know how legit it was, but I figured id give it a shot to get him to come to NY.
      My nephew walked the ring bearer down the aisle. I made him a bronco cane, kinda pimp style! Looked incredible, 5 year old boy in a top hat tux with a bad ass cane! I bought a ballister for stair railing. Cut it to his size. Painted it black. Purchased a bronco billiard ball from eBay and attached it to the top. Rubber tip for the bottom of the cane from CVS. Looks sick! Saved it with all my other memoribilia. Orange and blue flowers. Or maybe blue flowers in water colored orange? The possibilities are endless. I dyed the water in my toilets for the SB, 1 was orange 1 blue. I have issues! Go broncos!!!!!!!!


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        Love the ideas. jimelway you have it as bad as my fiancé and I do. Love it. Thanks for the ideas. Will do some research!


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          You can get the orange tux for $50.



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            I've been to a Packer themed wedding where the groomsmen had the team print on their vests and the bridesmaids all wore the team eyeblack and held green and yellow bouquets.

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