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Please Donate (S. Asia Tsunami) relief effort

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  • Please Donate (S. Asia Tsunami) relief effort

    This is a plea from one Bronco fan to another -- to each of you reading this, personally:

    If you can, donate funds earmarked for relief for the South Asian tsunami catastrophe to a charity you trust. The amount need not be large. It can be anything you can afford: $5.00, $10.00, $20.00, or whatever.

    I personally donated some funds for relief of this disaster to The American Red Cross through , but you can choose any reputable charity at all.


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    I'd like to second Dark Knight's plea for aid to help out a lot of people in critical need. I personally chose to donate to an organization with no religious/political affiliation ( ), but the most important thing is to just do whatever you can with any of the charities involved. 'Cause, ya know, it's good karma for the Broncos or something, I dunno!
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      I donated 50 smackers through
      It was easy, took about 15 seconds because they already had my account info.


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        Thanks for the links.


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          It is amazing how the world responds to disasters such as this. My son counted the change in his piggy bank and wanted to send his $13.48 to help.

          He makes me proud.
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            BroncoManiac69, dude, that sounds to me like YOU did one hell of a job raising that boy so far! Not to discount his heart and soul, so kudos to you both.

            I have yet to donate, but I will. They are gonna need continuing donations for quite a while.

            Toll is expected to top 100,000, maybe by now, with maybe that many more dying of cholera and such in the near future. The problem seems to be that lots of 'em are dumping bodies in mass graves untreated with Bleaching agent or lime powder. This almost guarentees contaminated ground water quite rapidly, which then permeates everything.

            What a huge calamity!

            And still, amid it all, Sri Lanka refused the help of Israel!

            Politics and religous bigotry never stops!

            The waves of death did not discriminte between Hindu, Muslim or Christian.
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              Hey guys, I am a die hard Broncos fan from India living in the US... I have been following the Tsunami horror in detail... Thank god all the countries are getting good aid from the whole world... but I am just worried, that in a months time when the Iraqi elections (and the feared violence) starts, then the world is going to forget about this horrible incident and concentrate on Iraq.

              I study in Arizona, and am heading back there in a weeks time and plan on starting a drive with the help of some student org's...

              If there are other students here from other Universities, pls try and do the same in your respective universities, and I would be more than happy to link all these efforts... and try to spread it across as many campuses as possible... just a thought!

              The WHO (World Health Org) says that disease associated with these sort of floods will increase the death toll by two, maybe three times. I dont know what to say and just want to help!


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                I can only remember the feelings I had when people from all over the world offered their donations and more importantly, prayers after my area was hit by 9/11...
                I remember those feelings, so I'll do the same now for others...(and it makes it easier since I already got that amazon account set up)

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                  Good call TDK. I have yet to donate, but I soon will. Another good organization to donate for this disaster is Gospel for Asia. They are a humanitarian organization that is on the ground now providing food, shelter, water, clothing, etc. They are also providing spiritual comfort to the victims.

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                    It's up to 114,000 dead now.
                    Keep those donations coming.
                    Some countries are saying that weren't not giving enough.


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                      As someone who's grown up in Hong Kong, I have been to these places. Phuket was my favourite spot in asia. Thankfully all our friends so far are ok, but one of the teachers from my old high school is missing. It's terrifying. I donated a few hundred bucks to Unicef. They have tins in every bar and restaurant in town.


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                        The Denver chapter of the Red Cross has now collected over 1.2 million dollars from Colorado alone, earmarked for the survivors of the Waves of Death. Glad to be a tiny part of that, and like I said, they gonna need more later. Still, it is awesome to be living in a place that in days raised over 1 million for relief. Maybe people in the world will note that all us rotten bastards the terrorists hate so much, seem to be the ones stepping up to the plate for people in need, regardless of their religon. I have yet to hear of a donation by Al Qeda, or Hamas, or most any Arab country. Nuff of that.

                        Like I said, I am proud of Colorado, Red Cross alone over 1 million in less than a week.
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                        Super Bowl 50 CHAMPIONS!


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                          A total of $10,699,779.00 has been collected through

                          Not too bad.


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                            Thats excellent TDK.. Great link! Weve made a donation through the red cross as well...


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                              pokes siggy.

                              I've donated $20

                              Thanks to B4Bronco6 for the sig!
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