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    Originally posted by ebsoria View Post
    Interesting. I was always curious because you do seem like a lamb of a man.


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      Originally posted by baphamet View Post
      oh?? i always thought you just liked to bake
      I used to bake lots of cookies when I was younger now I no longer do that.
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        Originally posted by EddieMac View Post
        I came up with mine as I am a huge fan of Terrell Davis and he is one of my favorite Broncos. I came up with a name to show that.

        I thought it was for Rod I am very confused


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          Big Captain America fan big Broncos fan put them together and got
          CaptainBronco quite simple really i was gonna go with galactic president superstar mcawesomeville but that was too long so I settled


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            Originally posted by JakeNbake View Post
            My name is Jake and it rhymes with Bake. My name used to be JayButNotCutler and then we lost Cutler...

            I'm not always really creative.
            Then how did you ever become a Mod? Just kidding. I like you Jake because you're the Jakest-est.
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              Originally posted by JakeNbake View Post
              I used to bake lots of cookies when I was younger now I no longer do that.
              i didn't mean that kind of bake.......


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                Originally posted by DevilSpawn View Post
                Well I am, praise Lucifer.

                I originally wanted to use a name that, now ironically is a banned user on the Raiders forum, but it was too many characters. As was Shamalama Ding Dong and Things That Go Squish. My wife is a metal head so I chose what I felt represented the death growls that were playing at the time. I believe she was listening to Whitechapel at the time.
                sounds like your wife has good taste in music.


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                  After all the name explanations here, my handle is boring.

                  johntbronco = name + first letter of last name + Bronco

                  when i play chess (and I suck at that), my handle is johntmate


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                    When I first joined here my username was Dawgfan. I think that's pretty self explanatory. Then after about a year here, another Browns fan joined and was called Dawgfanatic. That confused some people and some people thought I was him and vise versa. So, I had a poll on the board and gave people some basic information about me.

                    My real name is Charles, or Charlie. I'm a Browns fan. So, they all voted on Charlie Brown.

                    The Browns are gone; I'm not a fan of the Impostors

                    The real Browns are in Baltimore, see?


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                      1. I'm a "broncoholic!"
                      2. I married Broncoholic JS, so I'm a bit of a copy cat with the name
                      3. The "MS" are my initials

                      And now you know
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                        For some reason the name has stuck ever since I played a part in a little known movie from the mid 70s


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                          This is an interesting thread…. I'm pretty boring with mine.

                          I've used 2 user names for as long as I've been online… Usually Charlie23 or Chuck23…

                          Charlie was my dad's name, not sure other than that why I use it. I use Chuck a lot because I like Charlie Brown . Several years back one of the sites I frequented, one of my online friends there said my posts were so weird because they're all girly but I present myself as a guy with my user names. Not sure why I listened to them, but after that started using Sophia as my most common user name. Don't know anyone named Sophia, just like the name better than my real one. 23 is insignificant doesn't have meaning other than it's like a signature since I add to all my online stuff.
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                            Originally posted by baphamet View Post
                            i named my screen name after a demon that was supposedly worshiped by the knights Templar and free masons (but spelled sightly different)

                            i was really into reading books about that kind of stuff when i first got on the internet and made my first and only e mail and the name has stuck with me since.

                            before you ask, no i am not a satanist.
                            I always assumed Final Fantasy....


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                              I used to go through screen names frequently. I was playing Star Wars Galaxy and needed a name for my wookie Character. I combined Freya from Final Fantasy 9 with Chewbacca and decided on Freyaka. It kinda stuck with me and I've never had another one since (aside from alternate characters in MMO's and such and on the extremely rare occasion that Freyaka was taken by someone else)


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                                My name comes from a bunch of randomness. I'm a really random person, I say pretty crazy things. When I played sports I was pretty nuts. So Insane kinda stuck, plus it reflects off my mental thoughts. Where I'm going insane because of my brain never resting and always thinking of a million things at once.

                                Blaze is just because I like flames, I always drew flames on things, have a shirt with fire on it, and favorite color is red.

                                Some people think Insaneblaze meant something else. This is actually the only place where I use the username insaneblaze. I wanted to change it a couple years ago but couldn't.

                                Archangel has kinda been the nickname that has stuck with me for the last 2-3yrs.
                                Which comes from my friends always coming to me for advice, so I was often called an angel. I threw Arch onto it because they're the best of the angels and in most situations the Archangel is a nickname of a very good marksman...I'm pretty
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