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    I dont think the new one will be very good, Gene Wilder is just the perfect embodiment of Willy Wonka, the obviously crazy but in an offhand kind of way guy, hes perfect. The way he slides in the jokes and just speeds right past them before anyone can respond, its classic. Plus with Johnny Depp, you'll have all the teenage girls going to see it just because hes in it.
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      Originally posted by Lynch Bailey247
      Does this movie creep any one out? I was watching this the other night like 2 30 in the morning and for some odd reason it gave me the creeps and freaked me out, theres something about that movie thats scary... I mean a bunch of midgets running around singing and such... But i wouldnt mind having a whistle that called over a few midgets, or a hot girl..
      Man, you think it's creepy now...You should check it out on 'shrooms!!!

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