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Please Help This Family!!! Man Missing After Thursday's Game

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    Some people just take off. I have a friend that was "missing" for years. Turns out he up and moved to the Philippines without telling like a king on $10/day. When I found out... it didn't surprise me.
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      What people will do for their 15 minutes of fame….

      Wonder if it was worth it.


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        I feel for his family and more so for his stepson. To walk away and leave your family waiting in the stadium and then worrying for days is very tough. I would say he needs help because we don't do that kind of thing to the family you love and loves you unless something wasn't right. To say "I'd had enough football" just doesn't cut it.


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          Don't think it's the 15 minutes of fame in this case. Prayers to him and his family, and glad that he was found alive and is in communications with family.
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            The family speaks out and believes he had some kind of a breakdown. Wish he and his family the best.
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              Wow, I feel really bad for the family and son along with the friends who gave them tickets and got caught up in this. Having him walk out would be hard enough but now add in the worry and trouble of doing so in the middle of a major event so far from home and the national media that now surrounds them and takes all chances of real privacy away. Just wow. I feel very bad for them for having been put through this and having to deal with this and what is coming in the immediate future. Especially the son. I am going to pray very hard for them. I can't imagine what it put them through and still will especially the son being left in the middle of his first Bronco game and walked out on. Just left there.

              As for him, I do not really care nor want to hear the excuses that might be made. To do what he did the way he did it and what he has put them through especially his son. No excuse in my book. If he needed some time to think there were many other ways to go about this without causing all this too his family. I'll leave that there.

              We will keep them in our prayers and hope for the best for them and as they go through all this. Good luck to them, I really can't even begin to imagine being in their place right now.
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