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  • H&R Block help

    Not sure how many of you here you do your own taxes but I always do mine. It's one of my favorite times of year to get that return.

    Anyways I have been an H&R block software user for about 5-6 years now. Used it on my dads laptop for a few years and this is my third year installing it on my computer.

    This year I decided to go with the $30 Amazon download for both state and federal. The download worked great and installed.

    However immediately I get the message telling me the IRS did a form update on Jan 15th and I can't file until I update to the most recent forms.

    I've downloaded and installed the update 15 times now. It always goes to my external hard drive and seems to never work. It shows complete but at the end when I open the software it still says I need to update. It let me get all the way through the federal return but says I can't file or begin the state return until I update.

    I'm completely lost on how to resolve this. Anyone else use H&R block and had issues this year?

    I'll probably call customer support today but I've read that it's hours to get

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    I've resolved the issue. No need for help.


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      16th time is the charm