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  • 4 Months Later....

    Hey I wanted to thank everybody who gave me advice on how to hold down a job.

    It WORKED! I still have a few kinks in the system that I'm trying to work out but I'm having a great time.

    I'm working at Staples Inc. and although it isn't a super high-paying job it is the perfect job to work while in college.

    *By the way I'm about to graduate hellz yeah!*

    My co-workers are real nice too which is a real plus. I've been working there since October 2014 and want to keep on going.

    Anyway, thanks guys for the advice I really do appreciate all of it.

    "Maybe if he had an iron suit or a magic hammer...."

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    Glad it worked out and you seem to enjoy what you are doing-- that makes a big difference. When working through college shows on your resume it will be helpful as employers prefer to hire working students over non-working students.


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      So you resisted the suggestion to carry a beer with you, to make customers feel more comfortable......

      Seriously, good for you. It matters not what level of job you have, almost every job has the same fundamentals involved, and if you can master those basics at a young age, you will grow and develop nicely into more complex / responsible positions. But even at the lesser levels, employers want their staff to:
      - have a good work ethic
      - be reliable
      - behave professionally
      - exercise good customer service / employee relationship skills
      - communicate effectively
      - dress and be groomed appropriately
      - show initiative

      That's just a basic list. As I say, when the complexity increases, and the skill levels grow, other aspects will naturally be expected. But those things will come with education/experience.
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