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The Internet is Awesome and So are the People in it

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  • The Internet is Awesome and So are the People in it

    There are times where I realize that we all take for granted just how much connectivity we have now a days. If you had told someone 100 years ago that there would be a place that exists (somewhere out there) that was strictly about your favorite sports team and discussing them and people from all over the world could contribute to that conversation instantaneously they would have called you crazy. Here today this forum is that exact thing. However the forum is not the crux of why I am posting this new thread. That distinction has to do with something a group of people did on Chat Roulette.

    They created a real time interactive experience for strangers, because well it just seemed like fun to them. In today's world this may seem to be not a big deal...but its huge! Not only did this group of people connect and give joy to people all around the world they did it on a medium that no more than 10 years ago would have been incapable of even coming close to doing something like this in real time. So Bronco Country I share this awesomness with you! Enjoy!


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    I saw that yesterday. Totally interesting. haha