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  • Giving Up On Someone/Something.....

    With all the talk about Peyton possibly being done as our QB, it made me think about this topic. I am sure you have given up on a person or a thing, and most if not all of the time it may have been warranted. They were either letting you down, or not living up in the first place. Could be a partner or even friend (or even worse, family member), employee, politician, doctor, financial planner, sports team/player, etc....or in the case of "something", a stock, machine (this covers a huge array of objects), or even a belief. I'm sure you can offer plenty of other examples relevant to your life.

    But it can happen that you rule out someone/something too soon, and actually live to regret it. And believe me, though this may be linked to Peyton Manning, it's much more than about him. Further, I am not saying we would all regret it if he was removed from the leadership position. Conversely, if he was, many of us might just regret the decision. As I often state, but be careful what you wish for, and believe me, I have experience with that predicament.

    But lets get past PM.

    Though I may not be too sharp, I do know a few things. If I ever had given up on my wife, my life would never have been the same. So.......and this is one of the smartest things about me, I never got near that possibility. There are a few things that we are handed, and if we abuse them, we are just not worthy. In other words, when you get lucky, don't mess with it! (Luckily, she never gave up on me!!)

    I have regretted decisions. Like giving up on a few stocks. What was I thinking? Then again, how could I have known that they would turnaround with such vengeance? I also regret not giving some people more of a chance to prove themselves. However I am a bit of a softy when the smoke clears, so there are not too many folks that I totally give up on. That is the one aspect of being a Manager that I never got good at, even when folks deserved more discipline. I believe my management skills got me as far as I deserved, but if I had that one other dimension, almost a business ruthlessness, I might have risen another level. No biggee.....enjoyed my career and kept a lot of friends along the way.

    In the end, we all have to make good decisions about people and things, and we can't be too easy when it comes to holding on or letting go. Too many folks get burned. Too many end up on the short end. On the hand, giving up too soon or without proper evaluation can lead to serious regrets.

    Hey, we're human. Sometimes it's more luck than anything.

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    There are people/QB's that I'm very happy to have had in my life/team, for me I don't think it's so much giving up on them so much as it is just moving on. Sometimes you just get to that point where it's time to move on to something else, because the current relationship has played out as far as it's going to go. With me, I wouldn't include family in that type scenario though.
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      I've given up/hold a grudge against around 300 people currently
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        I am sure glad I did not give up on Peyton tonight!!!!


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          I gave up on Radiohead after 'OK Computer'.
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            Looks like folks gave up on this topic.........

            (before it started!!).