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what kind of jersey do i have to buy?

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  • what kind of jersey do i have to buy?

    Hello dear Broncos Fans.

    I am from Costa Rica.

    i am about to buy a New Jersey (My last one was a Cuttler Jersey, so imagine)

    now I have a huge question.
    what version do i have to buy ? there is a real difference Between the Elite and the Limited Version but not the Price??

    i need some advice here couse i want to order mine as soon as possible.

    thanks on advance for our comments about it.

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    If you want a couple of guys that are going to stay around a long time... I think Chris Harris Jr. will be a Broncos lifer, therfor that jersey will be safe.

    Demaryius Thomas will be around for awhile as well.

    I think there is also a chance that Von Miller will be around a long time, but there is a chance he'll ask for too much after this year.

    In the end, I think Chris Harris Jr. will be around the longest out of all those guys. I've actually been considering replacing my DT Jersey with a CHJr.


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      As far as colors/versions... no idea.


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        Then again, nothing screams Bronco's like a bright orange Elway jersey
        "There is no plan B. Plan A is to win the Super Bowl" - John Elway
        PLAN A ACCOMPLISHED 2/7/16!!!
        LSU 15-0 2019 BCS Champions...Geaux Tigers :dance:


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          well I decided to buy the Elite One (thats the one suposed the players wear on field).
          now the Color.
          i Think i am buying an Orange one.


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            Honestly, I feel like the price difference, and the comfort level wearing the jersey, makes the 150 dollar jersey a much better choice. The elite ones are 300 bucks arent they?

            And Id get the orange one.


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              Yeah 300. Thats what i am asking about. A Real difference