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Ashley Simpson Booed!!!

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    Here's some footage of it. Funny stuff!!! I guess her career is REALLY down the toilet!


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      Ashley Simpson can't sing. She uses a mixer for every song. Did you not here her sing Live? She can't sing for her dear life. I don't know why people like her songs? Maybe because she is Jessica Simpson's sister. Jessica has all the beauty and talent. Ashley has squat.


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        Originally posted by orangenblue420
        SHE SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        Plain and simple - she cant sing and EVERYONE knows it - including her - she is riding her sisters coat tails and its about freakin time people realized she has NO talent for singing (or dancing or dressing) - didnt anyone see her New Years Eve performance - simply awful - because it was LIVE!!!!!! She cant sing and it blows my mind that she is still trying to make a career out of it and is somewhat accomplishing it - NO talent loser deserves to be booed
        She may suck at what she does but she makes way more money than you do.
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