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  • Official Build Your Dream Burger Thread

    Ok people, let's make each other hungry.

    This weekend VD made me try my first bison burger. We ordered it from room service at The Inverness Hotel in Denver (Fireside Lounge Restaurant) and it was AMAZING. We basically stood over the room service tray in our pj's stuffing our faces with its goodness, barely able to do anything but moan through full mouths about how good it tasted. It was topped with smoked brisket, grilled onions, and muenster cheese, all dripping from the best homemade tasting bun.

    Want a pic? Ok...

    So in the spirit of this burger that we can't stop talking about two days later, what would you put on your dream burger? What meat would you use? What type of bun? Cheese? How would you cook it? Get specific!

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    Ooooh, I love bison burgers. Sadly, there aren't too many places around here to get them at.

    Bun: I like bread that is good enough to enjoy by itself. It should add flavor beyond being a meat delivery system.

    Cheese: only if it adds to the burger. To me the meat should be the center of the show and should have a meatiness. Some places lather their burgers in so much cheese it becomes a greasy cheese sandwich with meat (somewhere). And leave it just a little pink. Don't forget to season it before cooking.

    Add lettuce (no iceberg), tomato, onions (grilled, fresh, or quick-pickled), pickles. Ketchup, mustard, mayo (yeah, my dad lived in Canada for a spell, so...)

    Optional toppings, avocado, bacon, chilies.

    Dang. I really want a burger right now. In-N-Out is less than a mile away...

    Edit: great thread. Gotta spread it
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      Basically a bacon cheeseburger is mine. I forgot mushrooms
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        I could think of a bunch of combinations but it NEEDS to have a sunny side up egg on it.


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          Potato patty pan fried in olive oil, one egg very slightly runny, a layer of : minced onion/minced garlic/sliced mushroom pan fried in butter, nacho sliced jalapenos, sliced avocado, a thick slice of beefsteak tomato, heart of Romaine lettuce and thickly sliced cucumber. Two hamburger patties. On one a thick slice of pepper jack cheese to be added late in the cooking process and flipped once cheese down to lightly brown the cheese. Same with the other patty but use very sharp cheddar cheese. Use a large toasted "everything" bagel, sliced to form the top and bottom of the bun. Add condiments as you wish.
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            Whatever your dream burger is...dream big.

            To infinity...and beyond.


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              I doubt I can describe a better burger.....but you folks sure tick me off! I peeked in just before I went to bed, and that first pic of a burger and fries made me want to eat,

              and not sleep.

              As for my idea of a great burger......make it sloppy!!!
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                Mine is easy, cheese and mustard thats all I need.
                I really like Cheese.


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                  Originally posted by darth-hideous View Post
                  Mine is easy, cheese and mustard thats all I need.
                  DH......what the hey!!! I visualize you as a cool dude with a flair. Cheese and mustard don't cut.............

                  ............the mustard!!!


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                    A Kaiser roll with a slab of ribeye, A1 sauce, onion rings, pickles, lettuce and some bleu cheese.
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                      This thread is pure, unadulterated torture - period!!!

                      Now I have to change my plans and my schedule for super burger acquisition. No choice now.

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                        We have a place here near work called Flaming Grille... they serve exotic meats and many craft brews. Often we'll go after work for a burger and a few beers.

                        I always order the sirloin burger with lettuce, bacon, and their blue cheese?? Out of this world!!!! Only about $13- $15 for the burger.... yummeeee!!!
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                          But then..,... if you end up at Lucille's in Rocklin, Ca..... their western bacon thingy with string onion "fries" and bacon and bbq sauce and... mmMmMmMmmm... hey, Jake! We gotta go for a burger!!!
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                            You know, I like bacon a lot, but I don't like it on my burgers. Weird, I know.

                            I do love avocado on them though. YUM


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                              I had a burger that was a play on a cob salad the other day, yum!