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The Real Difference Between Snow And Rain.....A Shovel

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    Originally posted by Rastic View Post
    Ok, ok, ok, just to be clear, it's not an invention of somebody from So. Cal. that has only ever seen snow on TV, neither is it yellow.

    "Warm", as in warm temperatures for snow but not warm enough to rain, meant in contrast with my original post about cold rain. There is that fine line on the thermometer between the two but the difference is so much bigger in how they are perceived, the snow being dry and generally not of much consequence while the cold rain just zaps life out of you.

    If you say so............


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      Winter storm has passed. Pretty much a 2 day event, with about 35 cms (or close to 14 inches) of snow in some parts of the city, combined with pretty high winds. The thing about being true northerners, we are pretty good at this sort of stuff. Most people go to work, even if it takes longer. We drive accordingly, for the most part. We have excellent snow removal operations.

      I remember when Renee Zellweger was here to make a movie, and it was very cold and all in the deep of winter, but when she looked outside, she was sort of surprised how life just carried on as usual. Traffic flowing, people going to work and school, and whatever they would normally do.

      Sure, we are wintery folks, and pretty decent at being at one with it..............

      .......but check our airports every winter, and you will see lots of folks wearing shorts, as they prepare to fly to warm places! That's a hoot, seeing people leave their parked cars at the airport, in -30 degrees.....wearing summer clothes!!


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        I think many of you know the worst part of shovelling......when the snowplows do your street/back lane, and leave a big drift of hard snow/ice in front of your yard. It's called a windrow, and it is unlike any snow you have lift. If it sits in the cold long enough, it can translate to heavy varying sized chunks of "pain". In fact, you can complain to the city, but their answer is basically, "tough rocks" (or "tough ice" if you will). It is far too heavy for elderly folks and those who are not strong enough. I am getting ready to clear the edge of my front driveway as I speak. I do it fast, so that the pain does not get to my brain fast enough to register that it is not a good idea!!!


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          I love Denver and the entire state of Colorado! I tell people that if I was an American, I would definitely consider residing there! Absolutely!!

          But there is one issue I have with the's called a Colorado Low, and we've felt the wrath of it before. If it travels east and a little north, we get nailed.

          Currently the computer models show that we may be in line for another bout with this system, on Christmas Day no sad that might be.

          I love you Colorado, but mostly the Highs......never The Lows!!